Basketball Rules and Regulation For Beginners 2021

Rules and Regulation

During knowing about basketball, you will find a fair amount of numbers regarding this game. In fact, people want to call basketball ‘the game of numbers & statistics’. You may ask ‘why?’ Also, ‘what do the numbers mean?’ Or, ‘how important each of them and how do they relate to each other?’ Well, you no … Read more

History of Basketball – That Assist To You Know Better About Basketball!

History Of Basketball

The history of basketball is not much more than a century old. This game was started with 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts, but today, more than 300 million people play this game worldwide. There is an interesting story behind the invention of basketball. Well, before we opt into the discussion about … Read more

Rotation Planner For Basketball In 2021

Prearrangement on the batch of players to use as substitutes in basketball is known as rotation. These players are replaced from the bench to the floor. Coaches often use rotations. But it’s not easy to keep notice of every player’s playing time and coach the game. Along with playing time, it also defines the break … Read more

Using Dunk Calculator Learn Fast Jump to Dunk High

Dunk Calculator

Dunk is a basketball shot. This shot is performed by a player when he hops in the air and manages the ball over the parallel rim and scores by setting the ball through the basket. The dunk calculator helps you to know how high you need to jump to make a dunk. A successful dunk … Read more

Know Fast The Comparison Height For The NBA In 2021

NBA Height Comparison

Tall players get a lot of advantages in basketball when playing to keep the ball away from contenders. Their height supports them in reaching the way to the basketball goal and shielding the ball in opposition to the opponents. This article is going to assist you to know the average NBA height comparison. The previous … Read more

Learn Vertical Jump Measurement in 2021

Vertical Jump Measurement

The vertical jump measurement tests determine the lower body power of the athlete. These tests evaluate the athleticism of the players in many sports like basketball, football, volleyball. However, you don’t have to be a professional to increase your vertical jump. You can improve your leap for personal satisfaction. If you want to enhance the measurement … Read more