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Hey, I am John C. Clerk, the person behind Basketballreviewer.com. I have been fond of basketball since I was a child which inspired me to start my journey with this web page. I have been doing a lot of research about basketball which I wanted to share with the people who love basketball like me.

Luckily, I have found some dedicated basketball lovers just like me to join me on this journey. They have been helping me with research assistance, content creation, development, and analysis. We all love this task of sharing our thoughts about playing basketball.

What’s Our Motive?

Our motive is to bring out most of the criteria of basketball for passionate basketball lovers. We know that you guys face lots of problems frequently regarding playing basketball. We gather all the details and information that would benefit you to solve your problems and improve your gameplay.

There are many basics and tips that you may not know about basketball. You may also face problems in selecting tools and gears for basketball. Some of you probably don’t even know that you can create some of these gadgets on your own. We are doing all of this research so that you can feel more confident when you step on the basketball court next time.

Finding Out The Best Gadgets For Basketball Players

As a basketball lover, I know that most of you spend a lot of time on the internet searching for the best basketball gear and tools you need. It becomes really hard to choose the right products at the right value on the internet as there are lots of web pages with numerous reviews which are often misleading.

Your disappointment with these web pages as they do not think about your budget or the looks of sports tools ends here. Thinking about all the criteria and information from every brand to select the best basketball shoes, hoops, and other gears, our reviews would help you.

Ankle braces, hoops, shoes, and kids’ footwear for basketball reviews have been listed on our webpage. You can choose from a large variety as we have gathered products from different fits and price-range. We have researched some special tools that you can buy or create to analyze and improve your basketball skills.

All The Information & Fundamentals You Need To Know About Basketball

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get an online coach to teach you all the fundamentals of basketball? Our team has done proper research for long hours with every aspect related to basketball. You can be a good basketball player, referee, a coach with our information.

Our team has also found out the most effective training drills that would improve your gameplay. With the help of this analysis and tips, you can check how much you are improving and what you need to practice for.

If you are interested in handling the excitement of basketball on the court then my team is surely there with all the information. I have the experience of playing basketball to a certain stage which is why I believe that this information would help you a lot.

How Do We Provide These Information & Reviews?

Our first goal to share our thoughts is, to be honest. We want to provide the reviews and information you won’t be getting from anywhere else. That’s the reason why we do not just blindly follow other experts’ reviews.

Every member of our team is a basketball freak, so we all know what would benefit us all. Besides, we try to communicate and find our visitor’s requirements so that we can find them what they want.

We try to be as practical as possible while doing any review research to acquire legit information. However, we still review some products that we haven’t used practically if they are reviewed by trusted users & if it meets our visitor’s requirements.

Talking about the tips and information for applying on the court, we never inform you without confirmation. My team experts try out every single drill and tips practically to check out if they are effective for you or not.

Who Will Be Benefited With Our Thoughts?

No wonder if you are a beginner in playing basketball or a professional player, our thoughts are beneficial for all. Our experts’ analysis is not only based on your skills but we also think about your age, height, weight, comfort, and financial capability.

Even if you are a child, my web page is dedicated to giving you all the information and gears you would need at this stage along with practicing tips. No wonder that you will soon be able to dunk your basketball on a high hoop.

Do you want to know how to be a Referee for basketball games?

Our webpage has all the information that would help you to be a professional player or referee. Our articles will guide from the very beginning of every little information about basketball.

My team has a highly organized section of reviews for all the gears, shoes, pants, socks, and ankles for both indoor and outdoor basketball. If you are tight on budget then it’s not a problem anymore. We enlist products from different price ranges and segments so we could fulfill everyone’s requirements.

Can Everyone Afford Our Reviewed Products?

Our team assures affordability for everyone. Our top picks are also enlisted for their great value for money. However, we review products with different features at different segments and price ranges. We can provide everything you expect within your budget capability with honest reviews and user experience.

As a basketball lover, we know much about sports items and their prices. It is not always necessary to buy expensive products for a better outcome. We try to satisfy your requirements within your budget without adding any other burdens. We have seen a lot of people wasting their money on unnecessary features.

Do We Update Our Website Regularly?

New and better models of sports products come out every week and we don’t want you to miss them. We update our reviews and information within a short time of being changed on the market. If any product’s price is changed then we would change it almost instantly so that you never get misled. Thus, there is no concern about being backdated as everything on our webpage is up to date.

Do We Update Our Website Regularly?

If you have different requirements and questions than common people, then we might sometimes fail to inform you with an answer. In these situations we do not want you to make any decisions without experts’ concern, so you can contact us and ask for any sort of information you need about basketball. Our team would highly appreciate answering your concern or creating detailed content about it.

Stay Connected With Us

If you need any advice or information then we would cordially welcome you to connect with us. You can reach us on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Youtube. You can also send us an email at [email protected] or contact us via our contact page.


Welcome, everyone! I'm John C. Clerk Founder of Basketball Reviewer, an American living in Wurtsboro, NY. I am great fan of Basketball. I love everything about writing where my favorite topic of writing is sports basically basketball. I am father of two kids and love to play basketball with my kids, kayaking, skateboarding etc. If you would like to chat with me please feel free to reach out via facebook or twitter or email.

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