What is the Benefit of Having Big Feet in Basketball With Details?

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Big feet mean a bit more motion. If we talk about a few well-known Olympic athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, Brook Lopez, or Yao Ming, they all have pretty big feet. Now you may wonder what is the benefit of having big feet in basketball?

There’re several benefits of having big feet like you can have a better sprint when you own big feet. It gives you better steadiness and gets enough support from your feet to your knees.

Now you may want to know what if you have small feet, does it make you non-eligible for basketball? Read along to know how you should put on your basketball shoes and if there’re advantages to having small feet.

what is the benefit of having big feet in basketball

Should Basketball Shoes Be Tight Or Loose?

When you play basketball, you need to run here and there; thus, you should put on fairly tight shoes for better grip. But ensure that it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while running in any way.

If the lace of your shoes is loose-fitting, then it’ll keep coming off your fit and cause an accident easily. Here, two shoe lacing ways for different footed players will be given below that can help you to tie the laces accurately:

For Players With High Arches

  • Tie your shoelaces in the crisscross pattern, starting from the first lace hole to the end.
  • Straighten up both the right and left shoelaces to make a higher arch, and it’ll create more stability.
  • Again crisscross the shoelaces when you reach the openings end near the highest point of the shoe.

For Players With Wide Feet

  • Insert the laces in the first group of eyelets in straight lacing style.
  • Then start lacing using the crisscross style for the next two groups of eyelets.
  • Now skip a group of eyelets (the 4th eyelets of both sides) and tie the lace in the same style.
  • Continue the skipping and tying process till you reach the last group of eyelets of your basketball shoes.

However, if you don’t know which shoe you should buy, you can check out these best basketball shoes wide feet list.

Are There Any Positives Of Having Flat Feet?

Another name of flat feet is fallen arches. Generally, when the below surface of your feet presses the ground, it’s known as flat feet.

A human’s body balance is controlled by their feet as nearly 150% of bodyweight gets distributed equally all over your body. You may suffer joint pains if your feet don’t support you decently.

For arch height, the major indicator is the pronation’s amount; thus, if someone has over-pronation, they experience neither discomfort nor pain.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about your flat feet unless you feel pain after standing for a long period of time.

Besides this factor, there’re numerous advantages of having flat feet. Such as:

  • Flat feet can absorb shocks naturally, created from the effort to roll the ankle inward; normal arched feet can’t do it.
  • Flat feet runners can push their body forward without making any strong force, while players with high-arch can’t do it naturally.
  • When you walk with your flat feet, the heel of your feet raises, all the arch joins get locked, and makes your feet a rigid lever that helps you move your hip up and down with small rapid movements. And normal arched people can’t experience this wiggle.

However, normal arched people do hard practice to attain these benefits of flat feet. But you’re a blessed athlete who already masters these advantages as a toddler.

Are There Any Advantages To Having Small Feet?

Most basketball players think that having big feet is a blessing for athletes. But after research, it comes to light that any additional weight in your feet will make you a slow runner.

That means if you have big feet, it won’t help you to run fast. But people with small feet can surely run faster than people with big feet. The same calculation goes for the high jump as well.

Also, small feet people need smaller shoes compared to big feet, and the bigger the shoe is, the heavier it is. Now, if you think about balance, then both footed players should have an equal balance.

Because you master balance by practicing them, it produces from your core strength and your body position’s control. Thus, you can have the same balance as big-footed players during the play.

However, no matter whether you’ve small feet or big feet, the potential of getting leg injuries is the same. So you shouldn’t worry about your feet size, instead of practice regularly to develop your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1# Does my height in basketball?

If you play basketball and you’re tall, then it’s a great advantage for you. You can reach your goal easily when you play from an offensive position. Being a tall player is also helpful to shoot the basketball without any risk of the ball being swatted away from you.

Q2# Does shoe size have any effects on playing basketball?

Of course, it has. Basketball consists of the high jump and running; thus, well-fitted shoes play a great role in basketball. If you don’t wear shoes that fit your feet well, it’ll be challenging for you to jump and run like a pro. That’s why you should make sure that you pay proper attention to your basketball shoes.

Q3# Are big feet good for basketball players?

Yes, big feet are good for basketball players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play basketball if you have small feet. Indeed big feet mean better balance, stability, and a strong base, but big feet can affect your running speed.

Final Words

So you just learn about what is the benefit of having big feet in basketball. Besides the feet size, your shoe size matters too. The big and noticeable benefit of having big feet is that you can easily jump high and throw the ball in the basket.

No matter whether you play basketball or other athletic games, you must put on proper shoes. If you have comfortable feet while running only then, you can enjoy your basketball playing.

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