The Best Ankle Braces for Basketball: Things To Look For!

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Many high school basketball players end up injuring their ankles during their seasons. The ankle is perhaps the most usual injury location of all. Further, there are other issues to an ankle injury as well.

Most of the time one ankle injury leads to more ankle injuries later on. So, to counter such a high rate of an ankle injury, you may need the best ankle brace for basketball.

It’s always better to take preventive measures beforehand so you don’t have to regret it later on and cut down the possibility of a probable ankle injury.

Who Should Get This?

If you are a basketball player or suffer from a long time of ankle pain, then you must use this. Ankle braces have been used for various purposes. They have been used to support the ankle during physical activity, or as a protective device for people with ligament injuries. But it seems that ankle braces are still not widely used in modern society, and you may not even know about their existence. Here’s an article explaining why you should consider getting an ankle brace and what they can do for you.

Top 10 Best Ankle Brace For Basketball 2021

Now you’re going to dive into a review of the good ankle brace for basketball that you need to know to be a smart player!
Let’s do that!

Best Ankle Brace For Basketball

What is the Best Ankle Brace for Basketball?

Injury in the ankle while playing any running and jumping game is a common thing. But you can ignore that for you or your kids. Just grab on some

Best for Natural Movement: Ultra-Zoom Ankle Brace

“This is such a durable constructed ankle brace that supports the flexible movement”.

Best for Giving Compression: Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

“There are very few ankles that can give you a natural compressed and massage feel in the ankle”.

Best for Support Systems: Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace

“It comes with medical supports technology. You will get comfortable feel more than you’re paying”.

Best for Reducing Pain: Mcdavid Ankle Brace

“Want to never encounter ankle pain? This is the life savior for those who often suffer from ankle sprains”.

Best for Breathability: Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

“This is the most reliable brace for breathability. Though a piece comes in the package, you’ll be able to wear it into your right or left leg in the meantime”.

Best for Lightweight Movement: Crucial Compression Ankle Brace

“Lightweight and breathable functionality gives flexible movement for any indoor or outdoor basketball game”.

Best for Grip: Likugd Ankle Brace Compression Basketball Sleeve

“Shoes can make your feet sweat. So, your feet might be slipped on the basketball court. But this brace is the ultimate solution for giving you the perfect grip”.

Best for Comfortability: Don-Joy Performance POD Ankle Brace

“Its soft lining gives a great comfort feeling to the feet and ankle. You will always be relieved from the slippery feeling of its grip feature”.

Best for Speed Up Recovery: Ankle Brace RiptGear for Women and Men

“RiptGear is promisingly serving its users with its comfortable grip. It reduces the chances of getting less ankle pain, arthritis, and many more”.

Best for Compression: SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace Women & Men

“It has an adjustable strap that works for the adhesive compression capacity. Hence, you will get a comfortable feeling with better blood circulation”.

01. Ultra-Zoom Ankle Brace

Ultra-Zoom Ankle Brace



In our quest for finding the ankle brace for basketball, we start with Ultra Ankle. Ultra Ankle brings their Ultra Zoom into the market for your ankle protection.

Ultra Ankle says this ankle brace will help prevent injuries while working better than a lace-up or sleeve brace and provides you with more support.

Durability is always something that you should look for while buying a brace. Who likes to shop for braces every day or two? Ultra Ankle hopes to achieve the expected durability as they claim Ultra Zoom to last for years.

They also state that customers are still wearing their braces years on. UltraZoom makes sure that this brace is comfortable to wear.
You’re perhaps wondering about the movement section. Well, the first thing that you want after wearing an ankle brace is a natural movement.

Ultra Ankle believes its ankle brace’s ability to provide you the natural movement and helps prevent rolled ankles and ankle sprains. They’re giving you some instructions as well.

For example, the ankle braces are sold as single units, not as pairs. It’s better if your manufacturer mentions what sports their ankle braces are good for.

Well, Ultra Ankle mentions that quite clearly. They hold this ankle brace that can be worn by basketball, football, volleyball, soccer players.

Another thing that Ultra Ankle uses as a selling point is the design of Ultra Zoom. UltraZoom has an empty space on the ankle joint unlike the lace-up which covers the ankle joint.

Ultra Ankle believes this different design pattern of their ankle brace is better in two aspects than usual ankle braces. Protection and performance, are the two things that Ultra Ankle believes will be better than usual ankle braces.


  • Open Space Design
  • US Based Organization
  • One Year Breakage Warranty


  • Fitting May Differ


02. Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support

Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support



You can’t just ignore Bauerfeind if you’re looking for an ankle brace. You won’t hesitate to put extra money on the table while buying an Adidas. Similarly, Bauerfeind has a rich history in sportswear manufacturing as well.

The company started in 1929 in then East Germany. Gradually they started manufacturing sportswear and they became one of the official partners in the 2010 Winter Olympic organizing committee.

Well, enough history, let’s get into the product. The first thing that I’d like to mention is the design. Everyone would notice their stylish design at first glance.

This unique design makes this piece stand out from the others only by the look of it. Sprains are something that you’re always worried about.

Bauerfeind ankle sleeves ask you not to, cause this ankle support as the state securely holds the ankle during long activities reducing the risk of ankle sprains and injuries.

One of the selling points that Bauerfeind states are the knitted fabric, which they believe will massage the issue while the looped strap is believed to give you compression.

Both the actions will give multiple effects as claimed by Bauerfeind, one being ligaments being relieved and the improvement of circulation.

Movement is always discussed in the ankle brace discussion. Its strapping system provides the same stability as athletic tape.

Bauerfeind also addresses the issue and they claim that their air knit fabric is a lightweight material that they believe will give you the required comfort and the freedom of movement.


  • German Organization.
  • Positive Brand Image.
  • Exclusive Design.
  • Stated to be Made in Germany.
  • One Year Warranty.


  • May be difficult to find the perfect size.
  • Not use a single layer of polyester fabric.


03. Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace

Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace



In our quest for finding the best ankle brace support stabilizer, we are now looking at Zamst. Zamst began their works for medical purposes, ensuring support for sports injury treatment. This is also helpful for braces for basketball players.

They developed what they call a totally unique concept integrating resin-made guards. They’re headquartered in Japan and have 25 years of experience in the business. So, we think they’re quite trustworthy.

This ankle brace has a feature that Zamst calls Exo Grid. That is a dual molded support structure which they believe is correct for lateral and medical stability.

Another selling point they’re using in this ankle brace is I Fit. What is it? Its adjustable fasteners allow you the freedom to make an individualized fit.

This should provide you with extra comfortability and better fitting gave the validity of their statement. ‘A Fit’ is another of these ankle brace features.

It is said to be the accurate support for the left or right side for an anti-sprain or anti-roll. Fourthly, comes the Grip Tech. Zamst says Grip Tech is the strong anti-migration technique that would save the ankle from rolling outward or inward.

Lastly, this ankle brace has a feature called X Strap. Zamst states it is combined with three-way medial, anterior, and lateral support.

A complete feature accumulating the three support systems that Zamst believes will offer you professional and comfortable protection. Well, let’s come to the final issue, which is a warranty.

Zamst says that they stand by the products, although no warranty offer is mentioned, you are asked to contact the manufacturer for warranty claims and procedures. These basketball ankle braces can be used after ankle injuries.


  • Japanese Organization.
  • Adaptability.
  • >Positive Brand Image.
  • Comfortable protection.


  • Wearing can be a bit difficult


04. Mcdavid Ankle Brace

Mcdavid Ankle Brace



This is an ankle brace by Mcdavid. Mcdavid is a US-based organization headquartered in Southern California. Their story began in 1969 when Dr. Robert Mcdavid engineered a protective knee brace for football.

Not sure their ankle braces are the better ankle brace for basketball and they’re definitely one of the leading ankle brace manufacturers. Today they’re highly famous around the world with subsidiaries in Japan and Europe.

Well, after the brief information of this experienced brand let’s get into the details of this ankle brace and what Mcdavid has to offer. A basketball player knows the horrible pain of an ankle sprain like that. Treatment options are different today because If [a patient] has already experienced an ankle sprain found out there. They offer moderate to severe ankle sprain protection.

One thing they’re saying is that this ankle brace does not only prevent but it also recovers from usual ankle sprains. You shouldn’t worry about ankle sprains after getting this one, given the information is correct.

Mcdavid says it has a design that is quite supportive of your use. They’re saying the Figure-6 strapping pattern installed in the brace will stimulate the athletic tape.

The top strap comes for a custom fit. It is also said to be adjustable without unlacing or removing the shoe. Breathability is often discussed in ankle braces. It is always better for you to go for a highly breathable ankle brace.

It will give you comfort and air to your feet and make you feel better. This ankle brace, as Mcdavid claims, has a ventilated tongue- which they believe will make this ankle brace breathable for you.

Padding is another important aspect of ankle braces. This ankle brace has a padded lining which Mcdavids says, will reinforce the closures.


  • US Organization
  • Custom Fit
  • It also recovers from a common ankle sprain


  • Can have Issues With Size


05. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer


This ankle stabilizer is from Med Spec. Let’s get to know a bit or two about the manufacturer of this product as the quality of the manufacturer does have an impact on the good that has been manufactured.

The organization was incorporated in 1960. They have been in this business for half a century It’s a family-owned business and their products are manufactured in the US as claimed by Med Spec.

Well as we have learned a few things about the manufacturer let’s dive into the detailed specifications of the product. This brace must be fitted left or right ankle.

Firstly, the feature that Med Spec claims to have installed in the ankle stabilizer is the Stabilizing Straps. These straps are installed from figure eight and they believe it will offer protection and support to your ankle.

Secondly, the characteristic Med Spec talks about is called Elastic Cuff Closure. This particular feature secures laces and builds support from stabilizing straps, as claimed by Med Spec.

About the design, These ankle sleeves, Med Spec says, it has a Bilateral design. The good thing about Bilateral design is that it has a general design pattern that fits both the right and left foot.

Furthermore, Med Spec also introduces the Ballistic Nylon Boot, this, they assure you, will provide you tremendous durability and strength.

Their products as Med Spec states are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials over six months.

But they do explain that it does not include failure due to incorrect laundering or wear. These ankle braces are sold individually and not in pairs.


  • US Brand.
  • Bilateral Design.
  • 6 Months Conditional Warranty.
  • Family Owned Business.
  • Two Color Variants.
  • Each size fits the left ankle or right ankle.


  • Fitting May Differ


06. Crucial Compression Ankle Brace

Crucial Compression Ankle Brace


This is another ankle brace and it’s by Crucial Compression. They say they’re a small family-owned business and seek to design good quality compression socks. Crucial Compression also claims its product to be made with non-toxic materials.

Crucial Compression is confident in their quality as they state that you’d Immediately feel a feeling of support and relief with this brace. They list some of the issues from which this ankle brace will relieve you, they are circulation issues, injury, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis, and other ankle pains.

As discussed earlier, breathability and weight are important. If your ankle brace is breathable, it adds extra comfort. Further, weight is important in terms of flexibility and better movement. The less the weight the quicker the movement would be.

Crucial Compression focuses on both the points and claims their compression socks to be breathable and lightweight. Which should give you faster movement and added comfort, given the validity of the claim.

Usually, ankle braces are focused on sports. But Crucial Compression does step out of that trend and introduces other day-to-day activities as well.

For example, Crucial Compression says these ankle compression socks can be used for regular walking and working environments as well as for running or playing.

They’re also offering you a 100% Perfect Fit. How? Well, you’re asked to use the size chart to select the best fit. Then they allow you to return them for a full refund or a replacement without any question asked. The offer sounds great!

Not sure if this is the best ankle compression sleeve but sounds quite good if what Crucial Compression says is true.


  • Family Owned.
  • Multiple Colors.
  • Unisex.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.


  • May Seem a Bit Tight for Some.
  • Foot Protection is not well.


07. Don-Joy Performance POD Ankle Brace

Don-Joy Performance POD Ankle Brace


At this part comes the DonJoy Performance POD ankle brace. Since their inception in 1978, Mark Nordquist and Ken Reed concentrated on making support sleeves which were made of neoprene pieces stitched together.

Since then till today they have continued in their journey and this Performance POD ankle brace is a living example of their journey. They’re based in Dallas. Well, as we have gone through a bit or two about the manufacturer, let’s look at the detailed specifications of this ankle brace.

Firstly, Don Joy introduces this technology called On Demand. Don-Joy is designed to promote stability and prevent ankle. That helps to prevent ankle injuries.

Which they claim to protect and common ankle injuries and ankle rolls. Fitting is always highly important in terms of getting a much-desired ankle bracing system.

This ankle brace has, what Don Joy claims Molded TPU Shell which they state will match the anatomical shape of your foot. If what they’re stating is right, it’s absolutely amazing.

Comfort is definitely a matter of much discussion while buying an ankle brace. Well, Don Joy is offering you Super soft EVA underlayer linings.

This soft lining, they say would hug your foot and ankle so that you get the maximum comfort and grip. Ankle instability is a major cause of why you may wanna consider getting an ankle brace in the first place.

Don Joy holds that, that this performance ankle brace was designed to treat and safeguard you from ankle instability. It also has an underfoot adjustability option installed.


  • Comes in Two Colors.
  • US Based.
  • Long History.
  • Adjustable.
  • These are easy to fit under basketball shoes.


  • Size Issue May Arise


08. Ankle Brace RiptGear for Women and Men

Ankle Brace RiptGear for Women and Men


This is another ankle brace and it’s by RiptGear. Today we’re flooded with the local organizations and we think it’s pretty good, we’re supporting the local organization and helping this nation go ahead even further.

Yes, RiptGear is also a US brand. Let’s see some of the things that RiptGear has to offer us. The first thing that they tell us is the reduction of ankle pain.

Ankle pain is not pleasant to us, you wanna get rid of this pain and let your walking be natural again. RiptGear claims that your ankle pains which have developed because of ankle sprains or pulled muscles and strains will be reduced by using this ankle brace.

Furthermore, they state this to provide you support and stability they believe will speed up your recovery. Many chronic diseases may also increase pain in your ankle.

RiptGear believes this ankle brace of theirs can relieve soreness caused by chronic discomforts such as tendonitis, Arthritis, and common ankle issues.

It has adjustable straps so you can wear the ankle brace to your desired grip. All their products are covered under a warranty period of 30 days.

This warranty mainly covers manufacturing issues and not wear and tear. Moreover, wearing and removing ankle braces every now and then can be a hassle for you.

RiptGear says that you won’t have to go through that because they believe this ankle brace is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

They also instruct you to consult your doctor beforehand before wearing it for any medical purposes.


  • Adjust-ability
  • Unisex
  • Conditional Warranty


  • Can Have Issues With Support


09. SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace Women & Men

SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace Women & Men


Finally, it’s the SS Sleeve Stars ankle braces. It’s unisex so both men and women can wear this ankle brace. The first thing they promise is the speeding up of recovery.

Compression is one of the key mechanisms of an ankle brace. Sleeve Stars claim that this sleeve has great compression which they profess will aid your blood circulation.

They also claim that this ankle brace would be able to relieve pain that occurred from tendonitis, fasciitis, plantar, etc.

Adjustability is always a matter of great interest among the customers, whether that is a shoe or other products, customers want products to wear it how they want to and feel comfortable too.

Well, this compression has an adjustable strap you use this for a customized and desired fit and support. Sleeve Start professes that this sleeve manages to maintain a snug fit despite many movements.

They also say that this ankle brace is designed for extreme sports like football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Sleeve Stars also claims that this compression is wearable for different times and conditions.

They say you can even wear it with slippers for better flexibility. Quality is always important whatever type of product that is. Sleeve Stars say this comes with quality fabric which they believe is fast in terms of absorbing sweat.

They also state that this ankle brace would keep your feet odor-free and dry. Plus, the warranty factor. This is something that is always discussed while buying any type of product.

Well, Sleeve Stars is giving you a one-year warranty. If the things they state are true, this sounds like a good deal to us


  • Adjust-ability
  • Warranty
  • Nice Design


  • No Variations


Buying Guide for Getting Quality Best Ankle Brace For Basketball !!!

Getting the best ankle brace for basketball isn’t easy. But following this buying guide may help you in terms of making the right choice. Let’s see some of the key features that you should look into while buying ankle braces.

Should be Durable

The first thing that you should look for in terms of finding the perfect ankle brace for basketball is if it’s durable. Ankle braces are not cheap products that everyone can buy and throw it away the next day.

Therefore, durability is something that should be given importance. Try to find ankle braces that guarantee durability and strength.

Variety in Ankle Braces

Without knowing the different types of ankle braces it could be difficult to find the best ankle brace for basketball. There are several types of ankle braces around.

To make a good purchase it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about the types of ankle braces. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Lace-up Ankle Braces

Lace-up braces are not rigid. There are some advantages to these braces. One is, you will be able to tighten the brace according to your comfort level.
Its’ semi-rigid built also helps with a bit more flexibility.

  • Post-injury Ankle Braces

These ankle braces are used after injuries to your ankle. These are known to be rigid. Post-injury ankle braces can sometimes be air-filled or gel-filled. Plus, it can have multiple plastic panels contouring each side of the leg.

These braces are mainly used to prevent inversion and push-out swelling. Most of these braces are designed for medical purposes and not for running or other functional activities.

  • Rigid Ankle Braces

Rigid braces are of two types one is stirrup and another one is lace-up. Stirrup braces allow your ankle to move down or up and safeguard the ankle from rolling out. It offers protection and is commonly used for basketball or volleyball.


Braces are highly fitting dependent. Best ankle support for basketball shoes should offer you the best support. If the ankle brace that you’ve got does not fit you well there is not much possibility for you to do good in basketball.

To move quickly and exert the required amount of flexibility that basketball requires, you cannot just wear an ankle brace that is loose or too tight.

You MUST get the perfect fitting for your size when you’re buying an ankle brace. Don’t ruin your ankle or your game wearing a brace that does not fit your feet.


Comfort is another key feature that the best ankle brace for sprain should have. Because without comfort it’s just a waste of money. Why would you spend money on things that are not giving you comfort?

Yes, hence, you must make sure the brace you’re having is comfortable enough. Try to wear the brace and see how it fits. Usually, two things matter the most in terms you giving you comfort while buying an ankle brace.

One is the padded lining. They make the brace feel comfortable, soft and cushioned to you. This instills in you an amount of confidence to go up and face your opponents.

Secondly, the fitting and grip give you a feeling of comfort as well. Always choose braces that give you better comfort.


Get the best ankle brace for your Purpose

There are many ways through which can you choose the right sort of ankle braces. First, you gotta find out why you wanna buy an ankle brace.

For example, if you’re suffering from medical conditions, we‘d ask you to visit a specialist who may recommend the right brace for you.
But do consider other sports braces if you’re trying to find ankle braces for playing basketball or soccer.

Sports braces can be different from medical braces and should give you flexibility and a quicker movement ability as well as protection from future injuries.


Our Recommendation

As a part of our buying guide, we are recommending some of the ankle braces that can be regarded as one of the best ankle braces for basketball.

First on our list comes the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support comes from a German brand. Plus, this has an outstanding design and outlook and has a one-year warranty with it.

Next is the Zamst A2-DX you can expect the mastermind of Japanese design plus, you’re getting customized adjustability options, and comes with several features.

Our recommendation is incomplete without mentioning the ankle brace giant Mcdavid Ankle Brace. They’re producing ankle braces since 1969.

Moreover, they’re based in the US, you can surely expect them to maintain the quality of their product as a local company. Further, you have an adjustability option with this one too.



Q1# Difference Between Ankle Support and Ankle Brace!

There isn’t much difference between the two. Both have to do with ankle-related issues but slight differences can be spotted out under close observation. Ankle support is often a bit thinner and gives you a bit more flexibility.

Whereas ankle braces are designed with more rigid fabric. Ankle supports do not give you the immobilization of the ankle while the ankle braces do provide you with immobilization.

So, ankle supports are focused more on the prevention of injury. On the other hand, ankle braces focus on the recovery of the injury as well.

Q2# Is It Possible for Ankle Braces to Weaken Your Ankle?

Usually, ankle braces are worn by basketball, volleyball, and football players to protect themselves from injuries and ankle sprains.
But you may wonder if these ankle braces have any negative effects.

Well, there can be two instances when some negative issues may occur.

First: if you’re not using the joint while wearing ankle braces it may weaken your ankles.
Second, you may weaken your ankles by limiting the usual joint range of motion.

Q3# Is it Okay to Wear an Ankle Brace All Day Long?

It depends on the situation and actually, under certain circumstances you should. If you’re going through an injury you may wear your ankle brace for the whole day.

But, don’t try putting them on the whole time without seeing your doctor first. So, all in all, you may wear it the whole day only if your doctor recommends it.

Q4# Is It Okay to Sleepwear an Ankle Brace?

We don’t think it is that necessary unless you’re injured or have any other reasons for you to do so. It is not recommended to wear an ankle brace when it is not at all necessary.

But, if you think you’re ankle has an issue that may resolve to sleep with an ankle brace on, then you may consult your doctor and follow his instructions.

Q5# How Should I Wear Shoes with an Ankle Brace?

There are two things that you should do. First, choose an ankle brace that suits your needs. Then choose the shoe, try going for a shoe that is a bit oversized for a good fit, and try to find shoes with laces.

Now gently remove the ankle brace strap, then place the bottom of the ankle brace underneath the insole of your shoe. Finally, enter your fit slowly and lace up to your desired fit.

Q6# Should Ankle Braces be Worn Tight?

One of the main reasons why you should be wearing an ankle brace is restricting motion. Try to maintain that but should not be too tight that cuts off your circulation.

Q7# Should basketball players wear ankle braces?

Yes, definitely. Every basketball player out there should wear ankle braces. Wearing ankle braces will help the player to avoid common injuries.

Q8# What are the best ankle braces for basketball?

From hundreds of brands of ankle braces out there, we have found the Limor Ankle Brace will be your best deal. Its lightweight and flexible design will ensure your best comfort and protection. Moreover, Mcdavid, Ultra-Zoom is also another best ankle brace.

Q9# What ankle brace does Steph Curry use?

Steph Curry uses the Zamst A2-DX ankle brace. He uses ankle braces only during practice sessions and games.

Q10# How can I protect my ankles when playing basketball?

You may try wearing supportive shoes. There are some high-quality shoes out there that are capable of absorbing unusual shocks to prevent injuries. If you are dealing with a stress fracture or sprain, we would highly suggest you use ankle braces.

Useful Tips and Resources

You can use an ankle brace not only for basketball but also for a normal life. In today’s world, we are witnessing an increasing trend of people suffering from various forms of arthritis. If you or someone close to you is suffering from any kind of pain in your knees, hips, feet, or ankles, and Ankle brace is a solution. An ankle brace is the most advanced device designed to address and correct the problem of plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments that are common in those who suffer from this painful condition. In this video get the proper guideline.

Final Words

Ankle braces are now a much-needed material in the sports arena. Whether it’s football, volleyball, or basketball you’d see people wearing this every day.

People are concerned about their physical wellbeing now more than ever and ankle braces lessen the possibility of a future injury as well as help you recover as well. Get your best ankle brace for basketball before going for the match today!


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