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Trampolines are something that relates to a lot of pleasant memory of our childhood. Trampoline was discovered in the early 1930s; since then, trampoline went through a number of developments.

Nowadays, the trampoline comes with many new features, most notably the net enclosure which you get for your safety. This feature has also added included extra fun besides safety.

After buying a trampoline, many users also add a basketball hoop. I’m sure that you are also one of those users looking for a basketball hoop for your trampoline.

That’s great! You have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the necessary info you need to know to choose the best trampoline basketball hoop.

What is a Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

To add extra fun to your trampoline, you can add a basketball hoop. A trampoline basketball hoop is a playing tool that is specially designed to fit in your trampoline. When you have it installed, you can play basketball while jumping on your trampoline.

You can store and carry it without any hassle anywhere you want as it comes with a compact design. There are some basketball hoops that come with an adjustable adapter, which you can use to adjust the height of the hoop depending on your need. It’s amazing that most of the basketball hoop is pretty easy to install.

best basketball hoop for trampoline

What is the Best Basketball Hoop for Trampoline?

Trampoline basketball comes in handy to make the game more exciting and heart throbbing. So, let’s have a look at their best-highlighted feature.

Best for safety: ORCC Trampoline 15 14 12 10FT Basketball Trampoline 

“From UV protection to the durable material mat, it’s all in one kind of a deal for you.”

Best for durability: Skywalker Trampolines 15 Foot Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline

“Constructed with galvanized steel that supports jumping and running pressure with higher dignity.”

Best for bouncing: Kangaroo Hoppers 12/14/15 FT Trampoline 

“To ensure your kid’s safety while bouncing on the trampoline, this one is an amazing choice.”

Best for easy & multiple places assembling: VersaHoop XL Mini Basketball Hoop Set (24″ x 16″) 

“For assembling a trampoline anywhere without any hassle and also let your child enjoy the excitement of the trampoline, this one is the ideal one.”

Best for UV-proof safety: Merax 12FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net 

“Gives excellent safety from UV lights as well as high safety enclosures.”

Best for flexibility: Universal Trampoline Basketball Pole, Hoop, and Backboard 

 “It allows multiple poled adjustments. So, this releases your headaches of worrying about where to adjust.”

Best for break free tilting: Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

“At a very lower price, you can ensure your kid’s full freedom of the excitement of tilting.”

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Top 7 Best Basketball Hoop for Trampoline Reviews

01. ORCC Trampoline 15 14 12 10FT Basketball Trampoline Review

As we have spent a lot of time looking for the most exciting choices among many in the market, here’s what we have come up with! You should know about trampoline basketball hoops. A majority of trampolines come in different sizes, shapes & colors. Here you will get the seven trampoline basketball hoops reviews & buying guide.
ORCC Trampoline 15 14 12 10FT Basketball Trampoline Review


The latest ORCC trampoline of 2020 could be a great gift to your kids. The new update adds much-improved safety and a longer life span. The frame of this trampoline comes with a hot-dip galvanizing build, which makes the frame and net pole ultra-durable.

The ORCC Trampoline enclosure poles are padded with 10mm foam. Safety should always be the main priority. Compared to the other trampoline in the market, this one is a lot safer as it has TUV certification.

This certification ensures the safety of this product by approving it through a test process of the structural design and chemical composition of the material. The frame and the jumping mat of this trampoline are made with heavy steel and UV protective polypropylene for maximum durability.

So, when it comes to durability and safety, this is one of the best trampolines you will get on the market. ORCC brand is one of the best trampoline basketball hoops. Jump n dunk trampoline this trampoline is better than others.


    • Brand: ORCC.
    • Mat material: Polypropylene (PP).
    • Frame cover (Rian cover): PE+PVC in blue cover.
    • Net: PE Mesh Netting.
    • Weigh-Capability: 340 lbs.

What We Like

  • Hot-dip galvanizing built ensures a longer lifespan.
  • TUV certification confirms a good-quality built.
  • It is much easier to set up.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • Great jumping mat.

What We Don’t Like

  • The hoop appears to be a bit flimsy.
  • It hasn’t a safety rim for dunking.


02. Skywalker Trampolines 15 Foot Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 15 Foot Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline Review


The skywalker 15′ is another great trampoline for the entertainment of your kid. Its galvanized steel construction makes it very durable. And when it comes to the enjoyment of your kids, this one is a must-have. The wide-step ladder attached to the trampoline isn’t difficult.

You will be able to mount the skywalker trampoline basketball hoop on the inside of it or outside of the trampoline as you wish because of its versatile design. No need to worry about safety issues as it offers a patented no-gap enclosure system and tightly coated springs. Foam padded poles for stability in Skywalker Trampolines.

The framework is greatly built with rust-resistant galvanized steel, and the basketball is made of soft material construction ensuring the maximum safety of your kids. You will get an extra thick vinyl-coated spring pad with fade resistance.


  • Brand: Skywalker Trampolines.
  • Mat material: UV-protected Polypropylene (PP).
  • Net: Round Enclosure.
  • Ladder: Wide-Step Ladder.
  • Weigh-capability: 200 pounds.

What We Like

  • Reinforced T-sockets give great stability.
  • Tightly coated spring adds extra safety.
  • Netting with a dual zipper and latch clip ensures maximum safety.
  • Fade-resistant extra-thick vinyl-coated spring pad.
  • Great bouncing experience.
  • This is a Slam dunk basketball hoop.
  • Made with soft materials for kids jumping.
  • It has an innovative safety feature for all jumpers.

What We Don’t Like

  • The metal frame is not the most durable one.
  • This trampoline frame isn’t made of powder-coated for enabling durability.


03. Kangaroo Hoppers 12/14/15 FT Trampoline

Kangaroo Hoppers 12/14/15 FT Trampoline Review


This Kangaroo Hoopers trampoline will let your kids enjoy excellent bounce and great safety. It’s pretty easy to assemble even if you are a beginner, and you will get detailed assembly instructions, as well.

It comes with a heavy galvanized steel ladder with amazing durability. Also, it features a spring cover pad for an excellent bouncing experience, a safety enclosure for your kid’s safety, and the required installation tools.

Most of the hoops work with only straight poles. But, the kangaroo fits most trampolines with straight, angled, arched poles.

Most of the trampoline hoops work with only straight poles. But, the kangaroo trampoline fits most trampolines with straight, angled, arched poles.

No more worries about the rust as it offers rust and corrosion resistance. Its fully galvanized steel frame will give you unparalleled durability. The leg is designed curvy to make sure of your kids’ safety while jumping.

This trampoline comes with a basketball hoop so that your kid’s cab enjoys playing basketball while also jumping. The enclosure net is built with superior dense mesh provides an extra layer of security.


  • Brand: Kangaroo.
  • Mat material: UV-protected Polypropylene (PP).
  • Net: Superior dense mesh.
  • Ladder: Heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder.
  • Weight: 200 pounds.

What We Like

  • Easy and effective assembling process with the added installation tools.
  • A heavy galvanized steel ladder ensures climbing safety.
  • The fully galvanized steel frame makes it ultra-durable.
  • Basketball hoop added for extra fun.
  • A wide spring cover pad covers the frame perfectly.

What We Don’t Like

  • Users have complained about the poor response from customer service.
  • Basketball hoop attachment isn’t easy.


04. VersaHoop XL Mini Basketball Hoop Set

VersaHoop XL Mini Basketball Hoop Set (24″ x 16″) Review


VersaHoop Mini Basketball Hoop can give you an amazing playing experience on any vertical or horizontal loop. Also, you can add extra attachments for more fun. You will be able to hook this on the door and stick on it flat surfaces for windows, trampoline, and office. Almost everywhere you want.

It comes with a strong 24 x 16 inches backboard so you can store or transport it easily. The backboard also has color variations such as black, white, and blue. You will get an adjustable adapter with it if you need to use it on angled trampoline poles.

It’s a great choice for any family tour as it’s easy to store and transport because of the rim. The tool is pretty easy to assemble and adjust for your preferred height. You will be able to slide it up or down according to your needs.

The Snap Up Rim decreases the probability of any breakage and gives you great safety. The colorful basketball backboard, metal, and hoop net may attract you.


  • Manufacturer: Duncan Toys.
  • Recommended Age: 6 years and above.
  • Maximum Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Assembly Required: No.
  • Colour: Red, White, and Blue.

What We Like

  • Options for adding extra attachments give versatility.
  • Can be assembled easily in many places.
  • Adjustable adaptor for angled trampoline poles.
  • Comes in three different color variations.
  • Inflatable Basketball is not included.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • It comes with a ball.

What We Don’t Like

  • The design is not user-friendly, takes time to adjust.


05. Merax 12FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Merax 12FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net Review


What’s special about this trampoline is it’s suitable not only for kids but also for adults. It is ready to give you a lot of fun time. To give you the better security possible, it has heavy galvanized rust-resistant steel built. And 6 W-shaped legs are going to give you quality stability.

It comes with a rust-proof design, so no more worries with long-term stability, whether it’s in humid or wet weather. For your basketball hoop, you will get 5 foam-padded poles and also an extra thick pole.

To deliver maximum safety, it features a UV-proof safety enclosure and zipper closure. The maneuverability is excellent when climbing up and down on the trampoline as it comes with a heavy-duty 4-step galvanized steel ladder.

The jumping mat is tightly attached to the robust 72 galvanized springs. Use long term.


  • Brand: Merax.
  • Frame Material: Alloy, Steel.
  • Mat Material: PP Mesh.
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Spring: 72 PCS.

What We Like

  • Option for basketball hoops brings more enjoyment.
  • UV-proof safety enclosure ensures your child’s safety.
  •  It is made of 6 feet high safety enclosure.
  • W-shaped legs ensure a great bouncing experience.
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame provides great durability.
  • It’s made of Springfree trampoline models.
  •  The metal of this basketball goal is perfect.

What We Don’t Like

  • No assembling instruction was added.
  • It bends the frame when winds over 10 mph for backboard giant sail.


06. Universal Trampoline Basketball Pole, Hoop, and Backboard

Universal Trampoline Basketball Pole, Hoop, and Backboard


This basketball pole can be attached to various models. It can be fitted easily with almost all the trampolines out there.
Whether it’s straight, bent, or arched poles of the trampoline, it doesn’t matter at all.

The most amazing thing about this Universal Trampoline Basketball Pole is it comes with its own poles. And the breakaway rim is excellent.

However, you may have to purchase additional hardware for a few brands. It also features a mini basketball and pump. You don’t have to worry about the installation at all; it’s super easy to install. Just follow the installation instruction guide given with it.

You have to confirm that your trampoline has an enclosure net system to make sure of the better use of this basketball pole.


  • Brand: Trampoline Parts.
  • Recommended Age: 6 years and above.
  • Maximum Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Colour: Red.

What We Like

  • Attachable with all major brands.
  • Can be adjusted with straight, bent, or ached pole trampolines.
  • Comes with its poles.
  • Has mini basketball and pump.
  • The attached basketball goal is easy.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not so good built quality.
  • Doesn’t fit EXACME Trampoline models.


07. Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop


The jump slammer trampoline basketball hoop has a foam ball. jump n dunk trampoline is straightforward than others. Enclosure poles don’t exceed 1.5″ in diameter and do not fix during this slammer trampoline basket.

Foam ball Included. Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop is cheaper than other good brands. This trampoline basketball hoop builds with a safety flex rim.

This trampoline basketball hoop is ShapeSpringfree. This hoop attached to the outside remains strong through all 4 seasons (From Buyer Review).


  • Brand: Trampoline Pro.
  • Material: Foam.
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel.
  • Color: Jump Slammer.

What We Like

  • Easy to install.
  • FOAM BALL is already included in this trampoline.
  • Risk-free purchase & Hassle-Free returns within 30 days.
  • It’s easier for kids to adjustable tilt.
  • The construction is simple and quick.
  • The instructions of parts are easy to follow.
  • It’s quality great & very durable.

What We Don’t Like

  • Breakaway rim not included.
  • Doesn’t fit the Springfree or Exacme trampoline models hoop.
  • The materials that the basketball goal doesn’t make of UV protection.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Trampoline Basketball Hoop

When buying a trampoline with a basketball hoop, there are a few things that need to be observed well to get the best one in the market. There are lots of brands out there, so choosing the best one out of them could be difficult but not after reading this buying guide:

The Design

The design of a trampoline matters a lot. A well-designed trampoline must be easy to assemble. After purchasing your trampoline, if you notice that you don’t know how to install it, then you will have spent the extra money to assemble it.

Safety and Overall Construction

Trampolines are surely fun, but they could also get dangerous. So, it’s essential to be aware of the safety procuration. And when there’s a basketball hoop included, you have to be a bit more careful.

Almost all the trampoline with basketball hoop has a safety net that surrounds the trampoline to make sure that you don’t fall. So, before buying a trampoline, be sure that if it has this feature or not. Also, you need to ensure that the springs are well-covered by ample padding to keep your kids away from injuries.


When it comes to buying a trampoline, you need to ensure that it comes with good durability. Make sure that it is built with rust-resistant material so that it may last longer. Especially the frame must be constructed with pre-galvanized steel.

It would be great if you could get a trampoline that comes with W-shaped legs. This design will provide your kids with a great bouncing experience.

Weight Capacity and Size

The trampoline has different sizes; the small ones are for kids, and the large one is for adults or the entire family. If you want to buy a trampoline with a basketball hoop for your kid who is just 6 years old, it would be best for you to get a 5 feet wide trampoline.

If your kid is older than that, then go for a trampoline that is 12-15-foot-wide and has a 12-15-foot-high hoop. The trampoline has an individual weight limit for them. Please, do check yours before buying.


The trampoline comes in various shapes such as round, rectangle, oval, and square. It basically depends on your taste and needs. It also has to do with where you’re going to place it.

For backyards with narrow space, the oval and round ones should fit great. As for open spaces with a lot of places to waste, any shape should do.


Most of the good quality trampoline in the market comes with 2-3 years of warranty. Before buying your trampoline, make that the warranty system is easy and simple so that you don’t have to get all stressed out if anything bad happens to your trampoline.

However, you must remember that the warranty won’t be valid if the product gets damaged by abuse, misuse, acts of God such as lightning or wind. It’s best to read the warranty details or discuss them with the seller.



Q1. Can all the family members use the trampoline?

Yes, you can, but for that, you have to buy the large version of a trampoline. The small ones are only for kids. Please, don’t go make your child cry by crushing their trampoline.

Q2. Is it safe to use the trampoline?

Not exactly. It depends on you, actually. As long as you are following the safety rules, you are safe. The trampoline is much safer inside. To make sure of your and your kids’ safety, always use a safety net. Don’t go show off unless you want to take the risk of having a visit at the emergency room.

Q3. How much space do I need for a trampoline?

Before installing the trampoline, you need to measure the space of your outdoor where you want to place your trampoline. Keep it at least 5 feet away from the building, trees, or other objects that may cause harm. Most importantly, don’t place your trampoline anywhere near the electric lines.

Q4. What is the right age for kids to use the trampoline?

Children under the age of 6 are not encouraged to use the trampoline outside. However, there are lots of manufacturers who sell mini-indoor trampolines, which you can buy for your child under six years of age.

Q5. Can You Add a Basketball Hoop to a Trampoline?

You may have heard of a trampoline for jumping; you can either jump or exercise there, including the kids, but have you ever thought of setting a trampoline there? You may have been confused about if you can attach a trampoline basketball hoop or not; the answer is yes.

Now, you may think what’s the advantage of setting a basketball hoop on a trampoline; you may enjoy jumping with scoring goals. You can practice outdoor games besides keeping your body fit & stable; you can improve your body coordination with perfect skills.

You have to choose the best trampoline basketball hoop to make it safe for kids; you can buy them either attached or separately.

Jump slammer, ProJump Flex, Skywalker TrampolineBasketball Hoop, etc. are some renowned models that are safe & compatible with sports practice.

Please be careful while selecting the best basketball hoop for your trampoline so that the measurement & proportion is perfect.

Q6. Who Makes the Best Quality Trampoline?

You would want the trampoline pro for yourself if you want to place it in the yard instead of skipping ropes; anyway, you must find out the renowned manufacturers & suppliers.

Skywalker Trampoline, Springfree, JumpSport Fitness, etc. are the best & most popular among people due to being budget-friendly, easy to install, long durability, & high-quality; people like them much.

Airline 14-inches Trampoline is another choice of people because it comes with an enclosure net, making it stronger. Please remember, that the diameter is perfect for professional uses & practicing; on the other hand, you can get a mini-size if the trampoline is for a kid.

However, you can find some other brands that are the leading brands whom you can trust; for instance, Kangaroo, Zupapa, Merax are some local level brands that can provide you with the best enclosure trampoline.

Now you may focus on the suppliers because its quality depends on both manufacturers & suppliers because the producers add the features & structures; whereas the suppliers concentrate much on the packaging, storage system, & delivery.

You must trust those websites and post or packaging services that have satisfied customers worldwide; inc is one of them.

Q7. Which trampoline with Basketball Hoop Is Best in a Driveway?

You can’t carry an attached or permanent basketball hoop in a driveway; therefore, portable ones are the better options, but you can’t compromise with quality, can you?

Therefore, you need to find out the models & brands of some portable basketball hoops; that may help you choose. Lifetime Pro Court Level Basketball Set, Spalding Slam Pole Angled Portable Basketball Hoops, Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoops System, etc. are suitable.

Anyway, you should prioritize the raw materials & the qualities besides the brand value & price tag because the portable basketball set needs to be strong enough to be ready for any tough situation.

You can find the mini basketball hoop sets in a driveway from the Amazon; you can have a look at their features & product details. If you choose any adult or youth basketball hoop for a driveway or trampoline, it must be 15 feet long because it’s the perfect height; you can easily jump & reach the rim.

Q8. What Is the Best Size for a Trampoline?

What will be the best trampoline size depends much on the player or user’s age; the size or diameter range is 12 feet to 14 feet if you’re getting it for a kid or teen. The kids fit well with the 12 & 13 feet enclosure trampoline; whereas, the teenagers need 14 feet trampolines.

You can measure the size in centimeters too; the range is between 22-25 cm & the spring count is also essential to ensure your safety. Suppose you should have sufficient space to jump & move, but excessive bigger than necessary is not good, especially for a small kid.

On the other hand, you must consider some other things like who you are buying the trampoline for, how many people are in your house, how much space you have in front of your house, & where you want to place it.

Final Words

A trampoline is an amazing tool to have fun with your kids. But you have to be careful when kids are involved there as their limbs are not as strong as yours. That’s why you need to focus on getting the best basketball hoop for the trampoline so that nothing goes wrong while your kids are having a blast outside. Also, try to follow the safety rules, too.
Have fun!

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