Do You Know The 08 Best Basketball Players Of All Time!

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is home to some of the best athletes in the world. Fans of the game will immediately recognize some of its greatest players.

The history of the NBA is so rich with history and legacy that it’s hard to condense it into one blog post. But we will try our best, as history needs to be shared with the world!

To start off, let’s discuss some of the best basketball players in history. The best players are those who have had a significant impact on their teams or even changed the game itself. These players stand out amongst all others because they’re either great scorers, defenders, shooters, or just overall versatile athletes. They’re also people who you’ll want to remember for years to come!

best basketball player of all time

Let’s start to discuss the 08 best basketball players history Of NBA

01. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an easy choice for best player in history because of his six NBA championships, five MVP awards (and two Finals MVP awards). Not only was he one of the greatest athletes to ever play this game, but his killer instinct and ability to perform under pressure made him truly special. Furthermore, he is considered the greatest scorer of all time. He has even built a sneaker empire – how’s that for someone who was once just a high school kid from North Carolina?

02. Magic Johnson

You might be wondering, how can someone else possibly come close to Michael Jordan? Well, that’s because Magic Johnson is another one of the greatest basketball players in history. A great leader, he knew how to use his skills and determination to ensure his team would be able to succeed no matter what. During his career with the Los Angeles Lakers (he played for them from 1979-1991), he won five NBA championships – not many people have done this before! On top of all that, he also came up with an incredible fast break play known as “Showtime” during his playing days. Led by example; winner of five NBA championships during 19 years long carrier.

He improved gameplay through coming up with Showtime – fast break play!

03. Larry Bird

Larry Bird is undeniably one of the best shooters in history, making him an interesting player to watch. He was capable of shooting accurately from way downtown with his weird release and also at close range by using a variety of fakes so he could score easily. But what really made this guy special were his basketball IQ skills; there aren’t many people who can understand the game as well as he did.

And that’s how he earned himself three NBA championships during 13 years long carrier (he played for Boston Celtics). Also, let’s not forget about all those wonderful moments when he battled it out with Dominique Wilkins – most memorably their showdown on Easter Sunday 1984! Where he won, of course.

04. Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlin was certainly one of the most dominant figures in history. In addition to being one of the best scorers ever to play the game (he’s also ranked second in regular-season points), his skills were so impressive that people were forced to acknowledge them over time.

He simply knew how to use his strength and often overpowered everyone else; sometimes, his opponents were too intimidated even to come close. And if you take into consideration that he averaged 50 points per game in one season, then it’s easy to see why many consider him as the best center ever!

05. LeBron James 

LeBron James is probably the most versatile player of all time. It’s no surprise that he was one of the biggest stars in history, especially since this guy has got a huge number of awards and accomplishments under his belt, including three NBA championships along with four MVP titles!

Furthermore, he has the ability to play great defense when guarding an opposing teammate and pass the ball with a skill that no other player can match. And take into consideration how many points LeBron James scored during the 2016-17 season (it was over 2500!), then you’ll know what we’re talking about here!

06. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was the best shooting guard history has ever seen. He knew how to shoot accurately from downtown, which made him one of the most difficult players to face for his opponents during all those years he played in the NBA. What’s more – this guy had an incredible dedication and commitment towards sport, so you could often see him practicing even after official games were over!

And if we compare Kobe Bryant with Michael Jordan (who is by many considered as “the greatest basketball player who ever lived”), then it seems that KBB definitely got some things better than MJ did!

He was a versatile player, good at scoring close range or when shooting from long-distance; can also play defense well enough that nobody gets past easily when he must guard someone; good at passing the ball well.

07. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

History has never seen anyone as dominant as him; we can say he was the greatest player of all time. It’s no wonder why people often called him “Cap” (short for captain) – it seemed like this guy could see things and happen on court before everyone else did! He holds some incredible records for most points scored in history (38,387), the highest average of regular-season points per game (24.17), and he is third with 41,149 total rebounds!

08. Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson is history’s only player who averaged a triple-double for an entire NBA season. It means that he got double-digit figures in three different categories – points, rebounds, and assists! Just consider how many times this guy led his team to the league title (once) or won the MVP award (twice), then you’ll understand how great he really was!

Bottom Line

It’s a thrill to play the best basketball player in the world today for any NBA fan. But can you imagine being a professional baller? Well, I am too lazy to think of 8 different players that have been legends of the league over the years, so if you think your knowledge about the subject is worth bragging about, feel free to send me a message.

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