How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Guards in 2022?

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John Stockton from Utah Jazz, Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson from Los Angeles Lakers, Oscar Robertson from Sacramento Kings, and so on and on.

The list might be stretched till infinity. But you know what’s common between all these legendary basketball stars? Well, you’ve guessed it right, they all are point guards in their positions. 

And as you’ve landed on this page looking for the best basketball shoes for guards, we assume you’re quite like these legends.

Apart from the sporty part, choosing the right basketball shoes as a guard can be very hectic. There are tons of models from dozens of brands fighting to get your hands on their own pairs of shoes.

But if you really want to cut the clutter and know which few models are really the best, then get a couple of minutes for yourself, and get going with the review.

We’ve hand-picked 7 of the top basketball shoes for guards and talked about their inner facts in depth. Sounds enticing? Let’s get started.

Who is a Basketball Guard?

The position of Point Guard or PG is known as ‘One’, which is usually occupied by the best passers and ball handlers in the team. The special qualities that a good point guard needs to possess are short-range diving and good passing skill.

On top of that, PG position holders can also play a big role in creating shots for themselves and creating opportunities for the team as well.

For all that to make happen, guards in a game need to sport both gameplay skills and a good physique. And that’s where the essence of a top-notch basketball shoe comes in for them.



What Are The Best Basketball Shoes for Guards?

Being a point guard on the basketball court, you have to lead the whole team whole. So, what play role in your sole fight are your dedication, focus, strength, and comfort zone. To ensure you are always in your comfort zone, check out this ultimate shoe collection for guards.

Best for Traction Control: Nike Zoom KD 12 

 Since the sole is made of rubber material, it gives the best support for traction.

Best for Supporting Ankle and Forefoot Areas: Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT 

 The special quality midsole and cushioning make it a great choice for kids and adults.

Best for Responsive Cushioning Feature: Adidas Harden Vol 2 Grey/White 

 Made of best quality synthetic material which gives promising support to forefoot and backward.

Best for Giving Breathing Space: Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost 

Meanwhile, if you never want to sacrifice your comfort level, then this Adidas can satisfy from all the way.

 Best for Air Cushioning System: NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes

 A combination of synthetic and leather makes this shoe enough comfortable even the feet sweat.

Best for Backward Move Support: Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 

 The design is a comparatively most durable one that gives the wearer comfortable support frontward and backward.

Best for Flexible Foaming Quality: Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant 

All the sudden movements aren’t worthy at all if you don’t know have the most comfortable foam support in the shoe.


01. Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes


Just from the name of our crown winner pick, we can smell something extraordinary had been done with it, right? Well, once you go through the depth of it, you will not be disappointed at all, we promise.

To start with the details of the nitty-gritty of this basketball shoe, we get to have the #1 selling point of it- the Upgraded Air Zoom cushioning.

This cushioning is a full-length one all the way, and all it provides the user with is complete responsiveness. As it’s stitched into the upper part of the shoe, it is going to provide a sheer smoothness to your ride as well.

Moving on, we have the in-shoe comfort that takes the appeal of this shoe to the next level. The midsole comes to be completely perforated, which ensures flexible movement for the user.

On top of that, there is the internal sock liner that takes place right on the Zoom Air cushioning, and that’s responsible for the ultra-smooth feelings you’re going to wear this pair of shoes.

To ensure durability and traction, the sole is made of a complete rubber material, which will help you to jump better. Also, while you’re making sudden moves, it will boost you up instantly. So will go for making sudden stops from a movement.

There is a 4-way flywire cable that you might miss noticing. But it can provide you with targeted stability, good for the gameplay.

To make sure that you don’t have itching while wearing these for long hours, there are a ½ inches high collar support on the back accompanied by comfy padding.

Call it the responsiveness, the fitting, the comfort, or the overall blend of performance and quality, we bet that nothing better can be there to replace the infamous Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT. And that’s our one-liner verdict about this product.

What We Like

  • Sports a multi-layer meshing, good for a secure fit.
  • 4-way flywire cables for stability.
  • Unique, Zoom Air cushioning.
  • Flexible and perforated mid-sole.
  • Contains internal shock lines.
  • Rubber-made, traction-rich out-sole.
  • Comes in a good variety of sizes.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacing it up might consume a few extra seconds.
  • You might look for extra cushioning on the back.
  • Eva foam missing this point guard shoe.


02. Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT Basketball Shoes



The more fittings a shoe can provide, the more you’ll love it for your hectic basketball court chores. Keeping this on frontline priorities, Nike had brought up the Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT, which stands at the number 2 position on the list with pride. This is one of the best shoes for point guards.

We’re breaking down its features into bite-sized chunks below-In the lacing department, Nike had used its very one lacing technology to ensure a tight, long-lasting lock with just one pull. No waste of time, no waste of gameplay.

To ensure further quickness for the user, the entering is also made sharp and quick. There is also an internal 4-way meshing, stretched over the contours of the shoe.

This will do the job of locking your feet up and conforming to the shape. Therefore, the custom fit will be at its best no matter whatever size of feet you have.

Therefore, all you need to do is step in- and you’re ready to play. The midsole is the next best thing about this shoe, which comes with a dual-sensitivity feature.

The purpose of this is to ensure a perfect blend of balance and support. On top of it, it will be supportive enough for you so that you can make hard cuts without compromising with the speed.

From midsole to the cushioning, we got to find another full-length React foaming from the brand. Plus, there is a nice cushion for further smoothness in your ride.

Due to the combined effort of the two-layer cushioning, you are going to enjoy sheer stability in both ankle and forefoot areas.

As a verdict, we’d label the Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT as a very responsive, fitting-prone, comfy pair of basketball shoes for guards and other positions in the court.

What We Like

  • Sports Nike’s very own innovative lacing tech.
  • The midsole contains a dual-sensitivity.
  • A consistent and precise fit due to the Fast Fit tech.
  • Drop-in cushioning with a dual-layer in it.
  • The 4-way mesh material provides ample breathing space.
  • Let’s make hard cuts without sacrificing speed.

What We Don’t Like

  • You might miss the multi-thread lacing tech.


03. Adidas Harden Vol 2 Grey/White Basketball Shoes

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Grey/White Basketball Shoes



 The next listing of this review is from the infamous inventory of Adidas, and it’s called the Adidas Harden Vol 2. As a part of their frontline basketball shoe line-up, this particular one had been our favorite as a basketball shoe for guards.

The first impression came up with the engineering the forefoot of this shoe offers. This specialized structure will let you gain more grip and support while you’re making sudden and dynamic moves as a baseball guard.

Moving forward, it’s the material that we are concerned about. Primarily, it’s made of knit-synthetic material, along with a custom lacing system and a sock-like construction. It checks all the boxes to ensure that it stays as a comfy, smooth companion to your toes.

To make sure that your quick-start and quick-stop movements get better than what it is now, the fractal traction has been reinforced and improvised in the outsole. Once you are in the game, you can definitely feel the change it has to offer.

In the cushioning department, the Adidas Harden Vol 2 has a cushioning named ‘boost’. As a matter of fact, it’s claimed to be Adidas’ most responsive cushioning system so far.

Overall, our verdict for this basketball shoe will be on the good side. If the size matches, you can definitely shortlist it into your cart.

What We Like

  • Made of knit-synthetic material.
  • Engineered for movement support.
  • The outsole contains a fractal traction pattern.
  • Secured fit with the custom lacing.
  • Contains one of Adidas’ most responsive cushioning.
  • A grey-white, aesthetic outlook.

What We Don’t Like

  • The maximum size is 18 only.


04. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Basketball Shoe



Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost is another of the brand’s top-tier basketball shoes that lie in the premium zone. Apart from the shiny solar red, it’s also available in white and a combo of white and light scarlet.

But color diversity should not be the core selling point, right? Well, here goes the detail of what’s in here and what’s not-

The building material of this shoe is a fine blend of textile and synthetic fabric. On the bottom side, you’ll have a rubber-made sole, which is quite the industry standard nowadays.

Once again, we’ve seen the presence of ‘Boost’- the brand’s unique cushioning system, giving the user a comfy ride while playing and scoring with it. As they call it the ‘light and fast energy, we’re sure that you can get the most out of it.

From cushioning to outsole, we get to have a continental rubber outsole, which backs the rubber insole up to provide you with ample grip and bouncing once you’ll be depending on the opponent on the basketball court. It’s a lightweight & low-top shoes. That helps players for running.

To provide further comfort wearing this shoe, there is the Jacquard synthetic upper side that comes with a textile touch to it as well. The sole purpose of these two is to keep you up to your comfort zone, even while you’re heavily using it.

What We Like

  • Made of textile and synthetic material.
  • The sole is created of continental rubber.
  • Provides a fair amount of grip in both wet and dry states.
  • Sports Adidas’ terribly own Boost padding system.
  • It contains a molded heel collar to enhance longevity.
  • These shoes provide good ankle support.
  • Cushioning is well for its rubber sole.

What We Don’t Like

  • The color combos might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


05. NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes

NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes


About the next product on our list, there can be two possibilities that you might fall for it. First- if you’re a fan of Nike- the sportswear brand. And second, if you prefer a black sports costume while playing basketball for your team.

If you’re in both categories, then we bet you’re going to love the NIKE Men’s Lebron 16.

First thing first, this men’s basketball shoe is made of a blend of synthetic and leather. This will be the reason behind its solid durability even after years of regular use.

Moving on, there is the signature upper sole design called BattleKnit 2.0. It has an improvised upper sole than the sibling releases of this shoe. That might be another reason which might draw your attention.

Talking about the previous version and this NIKE Men’s Lebron 16, there is also a lower cut that sets this one apart.

Also, the presence of the integrated Flywire cables can be another thing that differentiates between the two generations of this basketball shoe.

It can’t happen that we’re talking about a basketball shoe’s fears and we leave the cushioning behind. Although this shoe doesn’t contain any signature cushioning system like a previous couple of products from Adidas.

But the max air zoom air cushioning system is no less. You can feel comfortable with your feet even when it’s sweating. Thanks to the specialized air cushioning system in the Men’s Lebron 16.

Lastly, the size diversity of this shoe is only 2- 12 size and 13 sizes. This can be a pain point for kids or users with long feet.

What We Like

  • Made of high-quality synthetic and leather.
  • The upper sole is made of Battleknit 2.0.
  • Sports a lower cut than the previous version.
  • Contains flywire cables.
  • Improved air cushioning system.
  • Rubber made outsole with modified traction pattern.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 12 and 13 sizes are available.
  • The jump shot on the ground isn’t easy with this design shoe.


06. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoe


James Harden designed these men’s basketball shoes for his signature line game inspired by childhood friends. If you have followed every part of the discussion we’ve done above, you might have noticed that the lack of size diversity often comes to be a problem, especially when we think about the users who’ve either too small or too large feet in terms of length and width.

To outsmart that problem, Adidas- the brand had done something extraordinary, and it’s called the Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3. As a matter of fact, it’s our next best basketball shoes for guards that we’ll talk about.

Let’s jump into the details-

The Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 creates quite a first impression with the raised back, striped design in the red, and convenient sole design. But once we jump inside, we get to see a durable construction of meshed synthetic material.

The bad part of unmeshed synthetic is, it will suffocate your feet and hardly give any breathing space. Thanks to Adidas to realize that makes it a meshed shoe.

The upper side is a textiles design, along with a padded collar to back your behind while leaned backward.

To make sure that you can find the best fit for the size of your toe, the size starts from as small as 7 and goes up to 20. It will be very easy to pick up the right size from this given diversity.

To fine-tune your fitting, there is the hook and loop closure strap, which will provide further fit for your toes. Also, the Bounce cushioning will have your back as long as the comfort of your feet is concerned.

What We Like

  • A handful of size diversity.
  • Hook and loop strapping system for fitting.
  • Padded collar with textiles upper part.
  • Rubber-made, durable outsole.
  • Bounce cushioning for comfortable use.

What We Don’t Like

  • The absence of laces might be missed by some users.


07. Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant Basketball Team Shoes

Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant Basketball Team Shoes


If you don’t have much of a problem stretching up your budget for your next basketball shoe, we’ve got something extraordinary for you as our last pick of the list. It’s called the Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant and we bet you’re going to go crazy for the values it comes with.

For starters, the flywire cables that it contains are something that will take your dynamic movements to the next level. It won’t feel like much once you’re not moving. But once you move or jump, it will provide targeted stability and the capacity to on-the-fly lockdown. Great for any basketball player, right?

The work that Nike had done around the cushioning department is more than expected. The full length cushioning that they call the ‘Zoom Air Cushioning’ is really responsive to keep the shape of your foot natural. To assist that, there is another Zoom air unit attached with the heel, which will provide you with an extra bounce while necessary.

The number of sizes available is always a big concern while reviewing a sports shoe. And with this one, it’s no different. But the good part is, this shoe starts from a size as low as 10. And it goes up to 17, which is more of a fit for people with long feet shape.

This Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant is one of the brand’s signature shoes. It’s made to be premium, provides a quick and accurate response to your forces and responses, and finally, it looks very aesthetic for any type of player.

In case you don’t mind entering into the premium zone with both budget and quality, you better take a short note on this Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant.

What We Like

  • Zoom Air cushioning with additional air units.
  • 4-way flywire cables with the heel.
  • Assists with extra bounce while you jump.
  • Perforated midsole design with flexible foaming.
  • Comes with decent size variations.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not a budget basketball shoe by any means.
  • Impact protection not well for these shoes.


Buyer’s Guide for Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

While you are up for getting the next basketball shoes for guards, it’s very easy and often to get blown away with the appealing outlook and even the shiny advertisements of the brands.
But as you’ve gone through the best picks in this list and their technical details, let’s hone up your purchase with our comprehensive buyer’s guide-

The Soles

Sole is not one single part of a shoe. There is the top sole, midsole, and upper sole. In case you want to achieve sheer traction and durability in your basketball, you’ve to make sure that the sole is made of good material.

The usual standard of the industry is to make soles out of 100% rubber. If you want to go all the way, you can look for that as well.

The Lacing

There are a number of choices in terms of lacing in your basketball shoe. Some of them come with the good with multi-thread lacing, while some unique models sport one-strap systems instead of lacings.

However, you need to check for such a lacing system that won’t drive you to adjust the lacing over and over. If not so, it’s really going to kill your performance as a basketball guard.

The Traction and Swiftness

These two qualities of a basketball shoe are something that a basketball guard needs more than any other position. But unfortunately, these are not the direct result of any particular feature of the shoe.

You have to ensure a good fit, a good sole with traction, and a good lacing system as well to get over with the danger zone.

The Cushioning

Comfort and breathability are the two topmost things that a basketball player looks for in the shoe. Therefore, the cushioning system is the foremost thing that matters in this case.

Usually, brands like Nike and Adidas sport their own custom cushioning system in their premium basketball shoes. In case you find it appropriate, you can choose the best from there.

If you have a wet-two, you might be looking for a dual cushioning instead of a single one.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1: Single layer or multi-layer- which cushioning is the best?

For sweaty toes, going with more breathable multi-layer cushioning is good. Otherwise, single-layer ones are just fine.

Q2: What’s the quickest kind of lacing in a basketball shoe for guards?

In terms of lacing time, shoes that come with one-strap lacing are the best.

Q3: What’s the best material for the sole and midsole?

For the sole, rubber is the best material to go with. IN case you are looking for traction, keep an eye on the midsole and top sole as well.

Q4: What is a point guard?

A point guard is a person who directs players in a basketball game. A point guard plays one of the key roles in a game. He has to make sure that the right player is receiving the ball at right time: mostly conducting the offensive role in the game.

Q5: Are the point guard and shooting guard the same person?

No, they are not the same person. The point guard needs to create opportunities for his team to score points. He has to distribute the ball among the players accordingly. On the other hand, a shooting guard gets to put the ball in the basket and score for his team also steal the ball from his opponent players.

Q6: Is Curry 6 perfect for shooting guards?

There are so many reasons that the guard must have the best shoes for playing basketball. Sooner or later, all of the basketball players and especially the guards prefer the Curry editions.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to prefer Curry 6 among all. Though, many of you know but let’s clarify enough reasons to opt for it.

Whenever you want a balance of grip and traction, Curry 6 is the best option. Unless you want to interrupt your comfort satisfaction, you will always choose Curry 6. otherwise, fashionable looking with durability is always offered with Curry 6.

Q7: Are puma Clyde hardwood good for basketball guards?

Starting with Terry Rozier, Danny Green, Kevin Knox, and many more have adhered to Puma Clyde Hardwood. It just gives a thrill sensation to the pro player on the field. Puma Clyde hardwoods are specially made for a kick. Their durability is the legit features that made all the legendary players pick from Puma Clyde hardwood.

Q8: Which shoes wear Damian Lillard in NBA?

Talking about Damian Lillard only makes us remember the limelight of the NBA. And, it’s always been a craze to D Lillard’s fans about his shoes. And it’s not a surprise that Damian Lillard has been picking Adidas for his NBA matches. And mostly it’s Adidas Dame 6 shoes.

Q9: What basketball shoes does Steph Curry wear?

One of the most popular stars of the NBA is Steph Curry. We all have that craze to significantly know the shoes that he’s picking for his NBA matches. Stephen Curry mostly chooses from Under Armour Curry selections. But his most recent excerpt is Under Armour Curry One.

Bottom Line

So, that’s the wrap-up for today’s post on 7 of the best basketball shoes for guards. Keeping both professional and beginner players in mind, we’ve tried to keep a fine blend of entry-level shoes, premium shoes, and the shoes in between.

Now, all you need to do is set your priorities straight, and find the perfect match of basketball shoes that fits the best to your toe size. As it’s not going to be an easy chore, you can take help from our handy buyer’s guide.

Good luck in court!


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