7 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids in 2022 – Review & Guide!

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Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for kids but don’t have any idea where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get all the juicy details!

I used to play basketball in high school, but it was forever ago. So when my older son was into this sport, I was confused about which footwear to buy as I didn’t have much idea.

But getting a pair of basketball shoes for my younger child was a piece of cake. Because I have already become an expert on this and now I can get the most fantastic basketball shoes with my eyes closed!

But how do you get the most effective worth for your money?

Well, that’s why I’ve prepared this review for you! If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for youth that come with excellent functionality and affordability, this article can be your ultimate guiding light!

Do you want to find out more? Keep on reading!

best basketball shoes for kids

What are the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids?

Kids are fond of basketball. It satisfies their leisure time with fun and excitement like no other game can do. But to make the game time more aesthetic, they don’t only need the best basketball but also shoes.

So, parents have a quick view of our top choices.

Best for Quality & Style: Nike LeBron 15 ZXV Kids

The quality & comfortability is a never compromising part for parents. And you can get this for your kid without a second thought.

Best for the Support and Fit: Under Armour Kids PS Curry 3ZERO

There is cushioning foam that gives a great comfort feeling to kids’ feet all over the game.

Best for Top-Level Grip Quality: Jordan Girl’s Spizike Basketball Shoes

It’s for those parents who don’t want to a mishap with their children’s functionality while playing.

Best for Protection: Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8

From style to comfort, it doesn’t ditch you with any quality. You will get all of your spent pence back in this shoe.

Best for Water-Resistant Feature: JMFCHI FASHION Kids Basketball Shoes

The whole shoe is wrapped with the perfect combination of cushioning and soles. Gives the best support to the ankle as well.

Best for Lower Budget: AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

You can easily compromise your budget. But no compromise will have to be faced with the AND1 kid basketball shoe.

Best for Orthotic Padding: Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys

Does your ankle hurt?

It’s so normal if your kid usually gets some ankle ache. But this Littleplum is the life savior in that case.

Top 7 Best basketball shoes for kids in 2022

Here is a list of the best basketball shoes for kids. So you can pick the one that will suit you perfectly.

01. Nike LeBron 15 ZXV Kids

Nike LeBron 15 ZXV Kids



We already know that Nike Basketball shoes are one of the superior ones when it’s to footwear. And this versatile pair of shoes is from LeBron’s designer line is a dynamic combination of quality and style!

This shoe’s outsole is designed with one big section and three deep main grooves for better articulation and flexibility. Additionally, it has triangles at the bottom so the player can have maximum traction on the court.

I really love the construction of this shoe’s midsole as it is a combination of Zoom air and air max cushioning. This mishmash has never been introduced before, and this cushioning makes the midsole extraordinarily lightweight yet durable.

Similar to most other Nike shoes, the upper comes with BattleKnit, which makes you feel cozy. Moreover, it will allow you to move your feet freely without any trouble.

If you are looking for a lighter pair of shoes, you can end your quest and get this LeBron 15 right away! These shoes may look kind of bulky, but the soles’ material keeps the weight under one pound.

Moreover, it comes with excellent breathability, thanks to the Nike BattleKnit!So if you plan to buy the best basketball shoes for kids, why don’t you start with this one?

Key Features

  • BattleKnit upper and 3 Flex grooves.
  • Zoom and Air Max midsole with Rubber outsole.
  • Available in various colors.

What We Like

  • Made with durable and lightweight materials.
  • Innovative midsole construction for better cushioning.
  • It extremely breathable and comfortable.
  • Offers top-notch flexibility.

What We Don’t Like

  • These shoes aren’t water-resistant.
  • It’s a little bit unstable for its high ride.


02. Under Armour Kids PS Curry 3ZERO

Under Armour Kids PS Curry 3ZERO


This pair of Under Armour kids basketball shoes come with compelling youth-friendly features. It is designed with maximum stability and offers plenty of color choices so that you can pick the most stylish one!

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will enhance your agility and provide quick support, this one is going to be your Holy Grail.

It is constructed with dynamic cushioning foam to absorb impact, which will give you a better fighting chance against the opponent! The heels of these shoes are made with meta-wing carbon fiber for superior support and stability.

So, if you are a beginner or looking for enhanced ankle protection, comfortable cushioning, and shock absorption, you should consider this option for a better experience.

However, the outsole’s design is one of my favorite features of this shoe. It comes with a pivot circle pattern, and the unique Anafoam designs give you the perfect fit and support.

Obviously, when you invest money in a great pair of shoes, durability will be a crucial priority.

This footwear is made of solid rubber and covered with multi-directional herringbone to ensure maximum court grip.

Additionally, it comes with extra cushioning so you can have better ankle support even if you play aggressively.

And if your kid is just about to begin their basketball journey, the mid-cut design of this shoe will allow them to move smoothly on the court.

Furthermore, the asymmetrical lacing will keep the midfoot well-protected. So considering its unique features, it’s one of the finest basketball shoes for kids, I must say!

Key Features

  • Molded neoprene is upper with a Singular webbed lace system.
  • Joined upper and tongue construction and Die-cut EVA sock liner.
  • Full-length Micro G foam midsole.
  • Two-piece outsole construction with a lateral wrap.

What We Like

  • Designed to provide maximum stability, support, and agility on the court.
  • It offers maximum durability.
  • Comfortable cushioning for maximum ankle protection.
  • Durable construction with the highest functionality.
  • Breathable and lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

  • The laces can get loose while playing quite often.


03. Jordan Girl’s Spizike Basketball Shoes

Jordan Girl’s Spizike Basketball Shoes


Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for girls? Well, you can get these Jordan Girl’s Spizike shoes for the best value for your money! It is designed to provide maximum stability and support on the ground.

This footwear pair combines five different Jordan basketball shoes and is one of the most stylish ones you can find out there.

But it’s not only a fashion-only shoe as it offers maximum functionality and support to its user. It is a high-top collar shoe, and the outsole is made of solid rubber so the player can have an excellent balance.

Moreover, the pivot circle design allows you to have a greater grip on the court, and the high silhouette supports the ankle remarkably.

These shoes are made of leather for enhanced durability and flexibility. Additionally, the front flap and the collar have extra padding to feel comfortable while wearing this. So you can get this pair for the best experience undoubtedly.

Key Features

  • Leather and synthetic upper with TPU panels.
  • Durable and lightweight Cupsole construction.
  • PU midsole with Solid rubber outsole.

What We Like

  • Highly durable leather construction.
  • High-top design for maximum functionality.
  • Comes with superior flexibility and support.
  • Offers excellent ankle protection.
  • Comes in many kids’ sizes.

What We Don’t Like

  • There are no color choices available for these shoes.


04. Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8

Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8


Before I start saying anything about footwear, I want to mention that this pair is one of the most stylish basketball shoes out there.

This Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8 is designed to enhance the player’s performance and take it to the next level!

It comes with a Velcro strap so you can have a perfect and comfortable fitting. This feature allows you to have secure feet during the game and provides excellent ankle support.

Additionally, these shoes have extraordinary breathability and comfort, thanks to the combination of synthetic upper and mesh material.

It also features a perforated toe-box for better ventilation. The insole has a very cozy cushioning, so you wear the shoes with maximum ease.

Additionally, it comes with an EVA sock liner that absorbs shocks and impacts to enhance your performance.

This shoe is a terrific combination of style and quality. According to a thousand reviews, this pair can be easily considered comfortable basketball shoes for kids!

Key Features

  • Leather and Mesh are upper with toe perforation.
  • Mid-foot strap for perfect lock-in.
  • Rubber outsole with flex grooves.

What We Like

  • Designed with maximum traction.
  • Offers excellent traction and stability.
  • Provides quick response and flexibility.
  • Outstanding ventilation and breathability.
  • Cozy and comfortable cushioning.
  • Superior ankle support and protection.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the most durable shoes out there.


05. JMFCHI FASHION Kids Basketball Shoes

JMFCHI FASHION Kids Basketball Shoes


These high-top basketball shoes by JMFCHI FASHION are versatile pairs and suitable for any outdoor activities. It comes with a unisex design that can attract kids of any age with stylish looks and functionality!

The insole of these shoes has excellent cushioning, so the user can feel the utmost comfort while wearing them. This pair comes with full fringe protection around the toe to prevent unpleasant injuries.

Made with top-tier TPR rubber, the outsole is one of the best features of this shoe. This outsole is non-slip and wear-resistant, and these qualities make this pair extremely durable.

Additionally, the reliable ankle support you will get from this is wholesome.

These kid’s shoes come with excellent breathability thanks to the soft fly-woven design on the top. So if you are looking for a pair for jogging or hiking, you can count on this one.

With perfect cushioning, ventilation, and comfortable lining, this pair of basketball shoes can easily vouch for the coolest basketball shoes!

Key Features

  • Non-slippery rubber outsole with leather-based upper.
  • Water-resistant PU leather construction.
  • Full fringe protection with fly woven top.

What We Like

  • Excellent breathability to keep your feet fresh.
  • Extremely durable and flexible.
  • Superior ankle support and comfortable cushioning.
  • Outstanding outsole construction.
  • Designed to prevent injuries on the ground.

What We Don’t Like

  • These shoes are more expensive.


06. AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe


If you are on a tight budget and looking for cheap basketball shoes for kids, you can get the AND1 Kids Show out. It comes within affordable price points yet offers maximum functionality.

This brand might not be as famous as Nike or Adidas, but shoe lovers are indeed aware of it.

As the sole is constructed with solid rubber and a Herringbone pattern, so you will get maximum traction on the ground. Hence, no more unpleasant slipping while playing, and keep dunking and passing as much as you want.

The midsole has lightweight yet comfortable EVA padding so that you can play with ease for a more extended period. Moreover, it comes with a mid-cut design to provide the perfect lockdown to enhance your performance.

One of the best things about this pair is its durability. As the upper material is synthetic leather, it’s ironclad that this shoe is water-resistant.

To be used as a basketball or casual shoe, this footwear can serve any purpose with finesse. So if you are running on a tight budget, you can consider this option for a better experience.

Key Features

  • Rubber outsole with Herringbone pattern.
  • Midsole with EVA padding.
  • Water-resistant synthetic upper.
  • Versatile medium-cut design.

What We Like

  • Superior traction and comfortable EVA cushioning.
  • Made with water-resistant faux leather.
  • Medium cut shoes for perfect lockdown.
  • Suitable for casual occasions.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with the highest breathability.


07. Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys

Littleplum Kids Running Shoes for Boys



These Littleplum Kids Running shoes come in many sizes for children and toddlers. These shoes are versatile and suitable for school, gym class, or any other sports.

The upper of this shoe is made with fantastic air mesh fabric that offers excellent ventilation. This feature allows your kids to wear these shoes all day without any trouble.

I love the insole of this footwear as it has memory foam and orthotic padding. This cushioning provides outstanding arch support that can prevent any ankle injuries.

Additionally, the rubber outsole is totally slip-resistant to ensure a secure grip. These shoes are designed to support your kids even if they are not careful while running or playing.

The mesh construction ensures the highest flexibility on the court. Furthermore, you get a perfectly cushioned midsole to support aggressive jumping and dunking.

Most amazingly, the cloth lining inside the shoe is microbe-resistant which helps you to prevent germ infestation to a great extent.

So if you are looking for good basketball shoes for kids and toddlers, you might consider getting this one!

Key Features

  • Mesh is upper with a memory foam insole.
  • Microbe-resistant lining with rubber outsole.
  • Perfectly cushioned midsole for flexibility.

What We Like

  • Flexible air mesh construction with excellent ventilation.
  • Microbe-resistant cloth lining on the inside.
  • Perfect cushioning on the sole.
  • Non-slip outsole for maximum grip.
  • Suitable for casual use.

What We Don’t Like

  • The durability of this footwear can use some improvements.


So here was my list of the right basketball shoes for kids. From high-end to affordable, you will see some excellent options here.

How to select basketball shoes for kids? – The ultimate buying guide

But if you want to explore more, here are some factors that you need to consider before selecting basketball shoes for kids. Let me enlighten you with all the necessary information.

Materials and Durability

If you want to get the best value for your money, you need to get the most durable basketball shoes. And the durability of that footwear depends on its material.

Well, basketball shoes are mostly made of leather, textile, and polymer. However, leather basketball shoes are the best ones as they provide flexibility and durability at the same time.


If the shoe doesn’t fit, what’s the point of buying it? However, sometimes you get the perfect fitting; but still, you don’t feel comfy while wearing it. So how do you get the perfect fit?

The best-fitted shoe must have a ½ inches space between your kid’s fit and the end of the shoe. In this way, your kid will get enough room to move their feet inside the shoe.

Moreover, most reputed companies make kids’ shoes with a narrow design. So if your child has got a wide or large fit, always keep that in mind.


Every basketball shoe should come with perfect traction on the ground for enhanced performance and safety. And an excellent outsole can ensure this experience.

The outsole of the shoes should have softness, thickness, and pattern for a better grip. And when you are buying basketball footwear, it’s better to go for an outsole made of solid rubber.


Good basketball shoes for kids should have the perfect cushioning to ensure the utmost comfort. If the feet are not at ease, it is impossible to give the best performance.

Usually, cushioning comes in two forms, foam-based and air-based. The difference between these two is the responsiveness.

Though foam cushioning is more popular because of its protection of the ankles and heels, air-based ones offer more flexibility.

So you decide to take, which one is the most suitable for you. Additionally, the shoes must have enough ventilation to keep your kids sweat-free.

Skill level

You need to consider your kid’s skill level before purchasing a pair of basketball shoes for them. The needs of an advanced player from their shoes are totally different than the beginner ones.

Moreover, if your kids are regular players, you can get a high-end pair. Otherwise, you can get a regular one that can also be used for casual occasions.


Professional basketball shoes aren’t cheap; excellence comes with a price, to be honest. But it’s not impossible to get something affordable that will give you the best performance.

In this article, I have mentioned some excellent regular and high-end footwear for you. You can pick one from this list you can browse more to learn your options. But remember, never compromise with the quality at any cost!


Q1. Do basketball shoes make you play better?

A great pair of basketball shoes will give you the confidence and support to run, jump, and dunk flawlessly. Moreover, ankle protection allows you to move without the fear of injuries.

When you don’t have to worry about accidents and move smoothly, your performance will be better than ever.

Q2. Can you jump higher in basketball shoes?

There is some jump-enhancing basketball footwear that allows the player to jump higher. However, you have to work on your vertical jump measurement and jump better without the shoes.

Q3. Are low-top basketball shoes dangerous?

The low-top basketball shoes come with zero ankle support, so they can’t prevent any injuries. Getting your ankle twisted, sprained, and broken is quite common in basketball matches. That’s why players prefer to wear high-top shoes all the time.

Final Verdict

Getting the best basketball shoes for kids is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of things, and it can be quite overwhelming sometimes.

However, you will not feel confused anymore after reading this article. Hopefully, you will get all your necessary guidance from here to buy the best footwear for your children for a fantastic experience.


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