The Top 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Reviews of 2021 (Spalding NBA Neverflat is Premium Quality Basketball)

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Who do you not dream of leaping like Jordan, dribble like Kobe, shoot like Steph and boss the game like Lebron?

Basketball is one of the most exciting games ever. Yet it can make your experiences frustrating if the ball is leaking air or not easy to grip. Further, air pressure and durability are other such issues that can make or break your expectations.

Best Outdoor Basketball

That is why finding a quality basketball is fundamental to having a great match. We have researched and selected 7 quality basketballs for you. Go through the short read and get one of your own.

best outdoor basketball

What Are The Best Outdoor Basketball Reviews?

Outdoor games are full of experiences and enthusiasm. While it’s basketball, this is such an outdoor play that can unite a whole community in one place. To play, win, or get experience in outdoor basketball matches, you don’t need only expertise move, a good quality basketball is needed.

Well, there are many sides we’ve looked upon while researching the top 7 list for you. Let’s check out those basketball listings and what they are good at.

Best for Premium Quality: Spalding NBA Neverflat Basketball

From NBA to Little League World Series, there a no such outdoor basketball match that can’t be played with so much superiority like this Spalding NBA Neverflat.

Best for Durability: Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

The durability in its higher peak. Its grip is a legit unit for offering the player soft touch as well as easier grip.

Best for Indoor & Outdoor: Molten X-Series Outdoor Basketball

An awesome FIBA approved basketball loved by many professional players too. It’s eligible for synthetic cover with enhanced functionality.

Best for Movement & Control: Anaconda Sports the Rock Basketball

This is a perfect build that can beat any other basketball. The composite material gives an outstanding grip and feels while playing on the court for hours.

Best for Rubber Grip Patterns: Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor/Indoor Basketball

Any player who wants to enjoy the outdoor basketball match without any discomfort can blindly choose this one without a second thought.

Best for Easy Handling: Spalding NBA Street Phantom

Its high-performance rubber cover gives the controllable bounce. And your hands are going to be thankful to you for giving such a nice feeling through the soft grip.

Best for Bounce Quality: Under Armour Stephen Curry Basketball

A regular size basketball that can satisfy kid to adult everyone’s the requirement for outdoor play. Its enhanced air retention always ensures you the best satisfaction following the great grip and bounce control.

The Top 07 Outdoor Basketball Comparison Table Are Given Below-

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01. Spalding NBA Neverflat Basketball

Spalding NBA Neverflat Basketball



Key Features

  • Uses high-quality composite leather.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Exceptional ball bounce.
  • No air leakage.

Spalding is one of the most widely used basketballs out there. The dark orange-colored surface perfectly imitates the professional flavor of the NBA games. This is one of the best outdoor games balls of outdoor courts for a basketball player.

Let’s see some of the performance-enhancing features that it comes with. Seepage is an issue for basketball. But Spalding has their own very own patented technology called the NitroFlate Air Tech.

This mechanism protects the ball from any sort of air seepage. Leakage is one of the most irritating things that many faces. No point buying a basketball to hear the hissing sound of air coming out. It will make your games boring, and you’d always be too careful with the ball as you know it leaks air.

To counter such a problem, Spalding redesigned the valve with a cap, which plays a significant role in eliminating leakage and keeping out dirt. Having a durable ball is one thing, but getting the perfect professional grade bounce rate is another.

You’d be pleased to learn that the Spalding ball’s bounce rate is highly identical to that of NBA balls. It should give you this ideal bounce rate for over a year or so, which is quite amazing.

Grip and build material, lastly, are things that one should always go through before getting their proffered basketballs. If you are searching for composite leather basketballs. Then Spalding NBA is the high-quality outdoor ball.

This premium leather-made basketball uses pebbling and skived channels, which should provide optimum grip from regular individuals to people with sweaty hands. On the whole, this can be your ideal street basketball any day!


  • Brand: Spalding.
  • Weight: 22 OZ.
  • Official Size: 29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • Nitro-late Air Technology Reduces Seepage.
  • Redesigned Valve with Cap Eliminates Leakage.
  • Professional Grade Bounce Rate.
  • Premium Composite Leather Build.

What We Don’t Like

  • May Lose Bounce After Some time.


02. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball



Key Features

  • Made in the USA.
  • Ideal for indoor use.
  • Offers exceptional grip.
  • Approved by NFHS.
  • It’s quite durable.

Next on our list is the Wilson Evolution. Time to find out what they have in store to offer for a smooth basketball match. Most of the college basketball matches feature Wilson; it just goes to show how popular it is in the US.

To enhance the feasibility of playing, Wilson has put their Cushion Core Carcass, which makes the ball softer and more comfortable to touch. It also allows the player to grip it correctly for a quick dunk run!

Durability issues are common for basketball. This particular Wilson ball features a cover made of Evo Microfiber Composite, which sustains durability as well as improves grip. This 0utdoor ball is used to make synthetic leather. That’s why the younger players get a great feel for playing basketball.

The composite channels on it are another factor that you can consider while going through it. The texture type that it creates gives the players an incredible amount of comfort and control over the ball, and they can maneuver it the way they want anytime.

One of the issues that may irritate you a bit is the lower bounce rate. You want the ball to reach back to your hand, but you may feel it bounce a little less. Wilson Evolution is the best basketball outdoor play for basketball players.

We, thus, recommend you to keep it fully inflated all the time for the best bounce. Apart from it, the ball is quite good and should be an appropriate option for indoor matches.

Wilson Evolution is the best basketball for outdoor play. Basketball the Wilson has a little bit of problem ball handling to playing basketball for younger players.


  • Brand: Wilson.
  • Weight: 1.45 Pounds.
  • Official Size: 29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • Cushion Core Carcass Makes It Softer.
  • Microfiber Strengthens Durability.
  • Composite Channels Provide Control.
  • Good for Indoor Matches.
  • NFHS Approved.

What We Don’t Like

  • Leather May Come Off After Use.


03. Molten X-Series Outdoor Basketball

Molten X-Series Outdoor Basketball



Key Features

  • It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable & composite leather cover.
  • Soft to the touch material.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to ball control for outdoor play.

Third, we bring you the Molten X series basketball. This is a professional-grade basketball that is approved by the FIBA.

With the synthetic cover, it should be usable for both indoor and outdoor matches. Grip, as explained earlier, is one of the most vital features of a basketball.

If you can grip the ball, you’d be able to have fun whether you win or not. That is why Molten puts forward its patterned pebble cover, which should improve the grip as well as the control for better movement and passing.

The size of it is a bit smaller than the Spalding one we talked about, giving you more flexibility and maneuverability during the match. This game ball is included by Premium Composite Leather Cover & FIBA approved.

Moreover, this should be the perfect ball to use on a harder surface. As it features a Butyl Bladder, it will also give quality protection against the irritating air leakage issue that you face always.

Another interesting fact about this is that Molten is staying behind their ball’s durability. They’re offering a 1-year warranty on it, going to show the confidence they have in the quality of their product.


  • Brand: Molten.
  • Weight: Unknown.

What We Like

  • Professional Grade Basketball.
  • The synthetic cover makes It Usable in All-Terrain.
  • Pebble Pattern Gives Better Grip.
  • Smaller Size Provides Better Control.
  • Butyl Bladder Eliminates Air Leakage.

What We Don’t Like

  • May Get Irritating Wrinkles.
  • Microfiber composite is not used in this game ball.


04. Anaconda Sports the Rock Basketball

Anaconda Sports The Rock Basketball



Key Features

  • Great durability.
  • Good grip.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor games.
  • Beautiful design.

Right now, we’ll go through the Rock by Anaconda sports. Although not as big as Spalding or Nike, Anaconda does have some credentials that have got it to this list.

One thing that you should consider is that Anaconda is using leather on the outer surface. Leather covers are known for durability, so this ball should offer you quality in the long run.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that all the NBA matches are played with leather balls. So, it should be a good practice ball if you’re determined to be in the NBA someday.

The grip is something that you should always be concerned about while getting a quality basketball. The Rock has the capability to provide you with the required grip for better movement and control.

You can use it on all sorts of surfaces. Playing it indoors is okay while taking it outdoors is also all right. Anaconda sports the rock is one of the best games basketball for basketball players.

One of the downsides of this particular basketball is its bounce rate. But apart from the bounce quality, this ball should be a good addition for indoor and outdoor basketball matches.


  • Brand: Anaconda Sports.
  • Weight: 1.40 Pounds.
  • Official Size: 29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • It may be Used Both Outdoor and Indoor.
  • Quality Grip for Ball Control.
  • Pebble Pattern Gives Better Grip.
  • Well Designed.

What We Don’t Like

  • Poor Bounce Rate.
  • Genuine leather is not included.


05. Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor/Indoor

Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor/Indoor Basketball



Key Features

  • Quality rubber material.
  • Highly durable.
  • Superb rubber grip patterns.
  • Optimal ball pressure.
  • It has a variety of colors.

All the basketballs on the list have the typical burnt orange look. So, if you’re looking for a change of scene, then the Chance premium rubber basketball would certainly do the job. Chance Premium is another good basketball for outdoor courts.

It stands out from the rest for its bold-colored designs. From the blue, white & orange to the speckled green, all the color variants are ready to light up the outdoor courts on fire.

But there is more to it than, just eye-catching colors. Chance basketball is made from premium rubber. So, it is quite durable as you can imagine. I know many would prefer the leather cover as it feels good on hand.

But the rubber feels all the same. And let me assure you, having a grip won’t be an issue with it. The deep channels with those aggressive pebble patterns on the ball make sure of it.

I loved the fact; the ball is great for both outdoors and indoors. Some outdoor basketballs aren’t meant for indoor use as they damage the wooden floor. Whereas the Chance takes care of the furnished deck expertly.

In addition to this, the ball shape remains the same, even after hours of use. That’s quite the feat as most balls can’t keep the optimal air pressure lock. But not this one. With everything going on its way, you can’t keep this out of the list.


  • Brand: Chance.
  • Weight: Unknown.
  • Official Size: 27.5-29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • Premium Grade Rubber Used.
  • Extended Durability.
  • Pebbled Patterns Strengthen Grip.
  • Shape Retention.
  • Quality Air Pressure.

What We Don’t Like

  • May Leak Air at Times.


06. Spalding NBA Street Phantom

Spalding NBA Street Phantom



Key Features

  • Official NBA size ball.
  • Soft grip technology.
  • Made from high-quality rubber.
  • Perfect for outdoor use.
  • It comes inflated.

Next, it is again another official NBA Spalding basketball here that we’re going to talk about. The dark black design with orange texts makes it look quite unique and stylish. Let’s find out how it would perform in the game.

If you’re interested in having the actual outdoor experience in basketball, this is perhaps something that you should try. Soft Grip technology should make it fit comfortably in your palms.

Further, the sponge rubber provides you with an outstanding grip for better control. The surface is made using the molding of the carcass. Which highly influences the outdoor experience positively.

This rubber tech-enabled Street Phantom comes armed with abrasion resistance, which will profoundly enhance the durability in terms of long-term use.

Overall, this is quite good and should be a good item to bring in for outdoor basketball matches. NBA Spalding is a good basketball for outdoor play.


  • Brand: Spalding.
  • Weight: 3.52 Ounces.
  • Official Size: 29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • Stunning Eye-Catching Design.
  • Professional Size.
  • Better Handling with Soft Grip Tech.
  • Premium Rubber Materials.
  • Optimum Outdoor Experience.
  • Easy to ball handling for younger players.

What We Don’t Like

  • May Need a Good Cleaning After Shipment.
  • Genuine leather isn’t used to make this outdoor ball.


07. Under Armour Stephen Curry Basketball

Under Armour Stephen Curry Basketball



Key Features

  • Stephen Curry’s initials are on the ball.
  • Grippy rubber exterior.
  • Suitable for each indoor and outdoor game.
  • Highly durable.
  • It’s rubber basketballs.

We are ending our short guide with the premium grade Under Armour basketball. Let’s find out what this Under Armour Stephen Curry has for a good match.

The appearance is something that sets it apart from the regular balls. Usually, rubber balls can tend to be a bit rigid or tough to handle. That is why Under Armour introduces a softer rubber combination, which makes you grip it with ease.

Another highly important feature for any basketball is the bounce quality. You’d always want it to come back up into your palm when you’re dropping it the first time. It makes your games more comfortable and fun to play.

The outstanding bounce quality offered in this should give you entertaining match sessions. Moreover, the rubber bladder installed in it provides you with better air pressure and prevents air leakage.

So, the shape is retained throughout the match for an outstanding outdoor experience. Despite the positives, some units may tend to deflate at times.

So we recommend you to check it thoroughly when you get the package. All in all, this is quite good and should make a great choice for the outdoor basketball experience. That is a high-quality one of the best game basketball.


  • Brand: Under Armour.
  • Weight: 1.50 Pounds.
  • Official Size: 29.5 Inches.

What We Like

  • Outstanding Design.
  • Rubber Improves Durability.
  • Good for Outdoor Matches.
  • Soft Rubber Helps You Grip Better

What We Don’t Like

  • May Tend to Deflate Quickly.
  • It hasn’t a consistent bounce.


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Basketball?

If you have no idea about finding the best outdoor basketballs on your own, then this guide is for you. So, let’s not play around and straight go shooting.

Indoors and outdoors

I know this is about outdoor basketball, but hear me out first. There are outdoor basketballs that can also be used indoors. But not all are suitable for both types of surfaces.

If the brand doesn’t mention the ball to be ideal for both indoors and outdoors, then don’t go playing with it on the wooden floor.

Because you will make things worse by damaging the surface. Keep an eye out looking for balls that can be used on both tracks.


You may have different types of basketballs in the market. And having proper knowledge about these types would make it easier for you to choose the right ball.


These are the most commonly used in homes. Rubber is tough enough to be used on outdoor concrete surfaces and is an excellent option for beginners.

These are generally the least expensive, but they are of the lowest quality and may need to be replaced more frequently.


These balls are mainly designed for use on indoor wooden courts. It has made of a 100 percent leather cover. You may face a little difficult to control them in the beginning, but the more you play them, the more broken and softer they become.

Synthetic leather

Mainly, these types of balls are made of faux leather and feel similar to real leather, but at the same time, they are far inexpensive since they are made with cheaper synthetic materials. The only imperfection is that they do not last as long as real leathers.

Size and weight

I know some of you’re thinking, why do you need to consider the size and weight. The answer is simple. If you’re a grown-up, you need a bigger size ball than a kid.

On the other hand, heavy balls won’t be perfect for kids to play with as they would slow them down. So, keeping these factors in mind, choose the best-suited basketball.

So, depending on the age group, you should choose the right size and weight of basketball. The regulation balls have a diameter of 29½ inches. But if you’re buying for a kid or someone with smaller hands, then look for a slightly smaller size ball.


The performance of basketball depends on a variety of factors. From how it feels on hand to how it bounces, all these factors sum up the overall performance of the ball. So, let’s see what qualities you need to check right out of the gate.


While holding the ball, you need to feel comfortable. You need to feel in control. Otherwise, you will never reach the level on the court.


And to feel control of the ball, you need to have the right grip. The grip of the ball depends on a couple of factors. These are the exterior patterns on the ball, to the material and size. If all the factors are right, you would have the right hold on the ball.


The bounce of the ball is everything in the game. If the ball doesn’t bounce the right height and it stays low, or it bounces too high from a usual drop, the overall flow of the game gets hindered.

So, while choosing a good outdoor basketball, make sure it bounces the right way.


The durability of the ball depends on the overall construction of the thing and what material is used to make the thing. Obviously, a leather ball would last longer than a rubber ball.

However, the quality of the material plays a role in its longevity. Some rubber balls last more than others. So, don’t go for cheap stuff if you want a durable ball.


Now, some basketballs come inflated while others need to inflate themselves. No matter inflated or not, make sure to choose a ball that is easy to inflate.

You should be able to change the amount of air inside the ball the way you want. This way, you can get the right balance. So, the ball won’t be too lively, nor it will be too flat to dribble with.

If all the above criteria are met, then surely you got on your hands the best outdoor basketball.



Q1: What is the main difference between indoor and outdoor basketball?

There are two simple reasons why you shouldn’t use indoor balls outdoors. First and foremost, the balls would wear out in no time.

As you can imagine, indoor basketballs aren’t made to be played on the harsh concrete courts. But if you still decide to play with it, then the leather would wear out.

Last but not least is the control issues you’ll be having with the ball. As already told, indoor balls offer less grip. So, they will slide on outdoor courts which will make it difficult for anyone to play with them.

Q2: Why can’t I use an indoor basketball outdoors?

There are two simple reasons why you shouldn’t use indoor balls outdoors. First and foremost, the balls would wear out in no time. As you can imagine, indoor basketballs aren’t made to be played on the harsh concrete courts.

But if you still decide to play with it, then the leather would wear out. Last but not least is the control issues you’ll be having with the ball. As already told, indoor balls offer less grip. So, they will slide on outdoor courts which will make it difficult for anyone to play with them.

Q3: What are the different sizes for outdoor basketball?

Outdoor basketball comes in all sizes and shapes. For kids aged under 8, there is a size 3 ball that measures between 56 and 57 cm. Then there are size 5 balls for the age group 8-12.

These balls usually have a dimension between 69 and 71 cm. For more grown-up kids, you’ve got the size 6 basketball. These have a dimension between 72 and 74 cm.

The size of the ball is also perfect for people with small hands. And lastly comes up the size 7 ball which is the official NBA ball size.

Q4: What are crossover basketballs?

The crossover basketballs are the best of both worlds in one. So, you get a ball that not is suitable for the wooden floors, but you can also dribble past your opponents with it on the concrete courtyard.

Q5: Do the various outdoor basketball models perform differently?

It might shock you, but the answer is yes. They might all be made for outdoor use, but they perform slightly differently from each other. For instance, some of the basketball would bounce better.

On the other hand, some will give more control of pace playing with them on the court. Every ball has something different to offer. So, it all depends on you what you’re looking to get from it.

Q6: How should I inflate outdoor basketball?

You may receive a deflated basketball. In that case, you will need a pump or compressor with a specific needle to inflate it correctly.

Q7: Where can I play outdoor basketball?

Anywhere to be honest. The sky is the limit. You can play on the court, in your backyard, in the street, or even inside your home. There is no right place.

Even indoors with the right outdoor basketball, you can play. But if you don’t want to break stuff inside the home, I would suggest finding an open place.

Q8: What Is the Best Basketball for Outdoor Uses?

The best one depends on you because the choice varies from person to person; there are still some qualities of the best outdoor basketball & you have to check the characteristics.

However, please make sure that the ball you have chosen should be made of either leather or rubber. Composite leather or rubber basketballs are strong enough to handle the rough environment outside; anyway, leather balls are more durable than rubber ones. On the other hand, you shouldn’t experiment with indoor balls outside; therefore, you can either choose outdoor or indoor-outdoor balls.

Let’s come to the brands or models of a basketball that you can tag as the best outdoor basketball; the balls from the Wilson company are the best: you can choose either the Wilson NCAA Replica Basketball or Wilson Evolution.

Another advantage of Wilson basketballs are good enough for not only professional uses; you can even use them in school-level basketball tournaments.

These models fulfill almost every quality of the best outdoor basketball if you observe their bouncing consistency, thickness, materials, & performance. However, the basketballs from the Spalding brand, such as Spalding NBA Zio or Replica Game Basketball can also be the right substitute for Wilson.

Q9: Can You Use Composite Leather Basketball Outside?

Whenever you hear about the term you can have some additional questions, such as what is composite leather & what’s the difference between it & and original leather? First of all, a composite component is cheaper than leather because it’s a synthetic fiber that takes fewer manufacturing costs.

Therefore, many people prefer buying it instead of rubber balls; anyway, cost-effectiveness is not its only advantage.

The synthetic named composite leather has a better grip & moisture control that makes it usable indoor & outdoor; the water surface won’t harm it much.

Now if you ask can you use it outside or not, the answer is yes, you can; composite leather balls cope with any surface, and it doesn’t matter how smooth or rough the basketball court is, it will run easily, & the players won’t have any drawbacks due to the ball.

Anyway, composite balls came with some drawbacks; for instance, players with cut hands can find it challenging to play with them, which led manufacturers to reintroduce pure leather balls.

The composite leather balls require low maintenance & you don’t need to keep them at rest; if you have a tight schedule ahead, you can easily use one within a short time.

Q10:Are Nike Basketballs Good?

Nike company has been doing its business for decades, & they are selling or manufacturing various athletic items in their plants; you may not doubt their product quality.

However, you may have used the golf clubs & shoes from the Nike brand; do they maintain the same quality while producing basketballs, or do they have the same place as the other competitors in the marketplace?

Well, some basketball models are very good in performance, maintenance, handling, & quality; those models hold important places in the marketplace. For instance, Nike Elite All Court Basketball has risen to the top position in the 2021 list; moreover, it’s 29.5 inches.

Please remember that it’s the perfect diameter (29.5 inches) for professional basketball; anyway, the brand also manufactures mini basketballs so that passionate kids can also practice or school kids may also use them while running a tournament.

The Nike Dominate outdoor basketballs are specially designed for playing outside because it’s better not to use the ones there; anyway, no matter how many models Nike Basketballs are available, they couldn’t be the best as Spalding or Wilson NCAA Replica Game. Moreover, the Wilson NCAA Replica Game is a good basketball for outdoor courts.

Q11: What Is Outdoor Basketball?

The answer is quite simple because the outdoor term refers to the outside; you may now think why people differentiate indoor-outdoor basketball when the system & rules are the same.

If you ask what happens if you take the indoor basketball outside, I will say the consequences will not be good at all because the indoor balls are not prepared for the harsh environment outside.

An outdoor basketball is good going with any hard, rocky, or hostile surface; you can even visualize the difference because the indoor basketball’s texture is pretty softer than the outdoor ones & the materials are also not the same.

Anyway, the outdoor basketball makers focus more on giving them a strong structure, & they don’t feel soft or good, but they are way easier to grip. The best outdoor basketballs have more dots than indoor ones so that professional players can have better control over them while playing.

The durability & price of both ball criteria also differ a lot; for instance, the indoor can cost up to a hundred dollars whereas, the outdoor basketball’s price range is 12$-60$. Moreover, the indoor balls last for even years if you don’t take them outside; on the other hand, the outdoor balls may quickly damage if the court is rough.

Q12: Who Are the Top-ranked Basketball Players According to the NBA?

The NBA stands for National Basketball Association, which keeps the record of the all-time best players; LeBron James comes to the 1st position of that list. He’s not only a player, but he became a brand of basketball because he came to the ground in his teenage & reached many milestones at a young age.

Michael Jordan is another important player in Basketball history from Chicago; he is well-known for defending his team. He may not score as many points as other legends to be the best player, but he’s the best defender indeed; you must check his NFL 2013 records.

Magic Johnson is another top player on the NBA list; he is 6’9” in height, & that provided him a lot of advantages. Once the ball is in his hands & the hoop is near him, no one could stop him from scoring; he has magic indeed.

Anyway, there are more legends on the outdoor court; none of them are perfect, but they have some specialties & qualities that make them stand out. Moreover, consistency in performance is also crucial to hold the position in ranking; one of the secrets behind their success is the best outdoor basketball.

Final Words

Basketball is a global game. Everyone loves to watch it. And no doubt, everyone loves to play the game too. And a little question, everybody likes to play the sport too.

It doesn’t matter what age you’re, what gender you are! once the ball is in your hands, you become a part of the sport. This game is that powerful. It unites us all.

So, if I am not wrong, you are a true basketball enthusiast which is why you ended up here. And hopefully, by now you’ve found what you’ve been looking for, which is the best outdoor basketball.

I hope that with this article I have helped you choose the best one for you. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, just keep looking.


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