Things Should Know Before Buying An Outdoor Basketball in 2022!

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What To Look For When Buying An Outdoor Basketball? Well, if you’re looking to buy an outdoor basketball. Then choosing one will be a lot easier if you know what the experts have to say about it.

All of these different factors can impact your buying decision. For example, the price, the material on the ball, and how it feels when you play with it. The type of court that you’ll be playing on is also important. So if you want more information on buying an outdoor basketball, don’t hesitate to read this article!

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Buying Outdoor Basketball Tips

Please follow these top outdoor basketball buying tips from balling experts when looking to buy an outdoor basketball.

  1. Basketball Sizes
  2. Air pressure
  3. Basketball materials
  4. Grip ability
  5. Outdoor courts surface
  6. Bounce
  7. Durability
  8. Outdoor Basketball Manufacturers
  9. Warranty

Basketball Sizes

When buying an outdoor basketball, you want to consider the size of the ball. Some people like buying a smaller-sized ball for younger children while others prefer regulation sizes.

If buying for someone under 13 years old, it is best to buy a junior-sized indoor/outdoor basketball. Since these will be easier and safer for them to handle.  Similarly, if purchasing a regulation size basketball for adults, it is essential to know their waist circumference. So you can purchase a ball that will fit them properly.

Basketball Air Pressure

Another thing to consider when buying an outdoor basketball is if you want one with or without air. Before making a purchase, be sure to consider the pros and cons of both options. Outdoor basketballs with air are sturdier and hold their pressure longer. But they can sometimes lose more air than balls without air over time.

On the other hand, outdoor balls without air will stay fully inflated at all times. However, they may wear out faster because there is no inner-air cushioning system in place.

Outdoor Basketball Materials

In buying an outdoor basketball, you also have to consider what material it is made out of. Outdoor balls are primarily from a rubber or polyurethane blend, while some use a full-rubber surface. This provides more traction and a better grip on the ball.

Similarly, rubber basketballs will last longer outdoors as they can withstand dirt and water. At the same time, other types of outdoor basketballs may not hold up in the elements as well.

Composite leather balls are also suitable for outdoor use because they come with a very durable synthetic material. They also provide a good grip on the court.

The Best Materials For Outdoor Basketballs

When looking at materials, there are two common types of outdoor basketballs to consider:

  • Rubber basketballs
  • Leather composite basketballs

Rubber Basketballs

The most common material for outdoor basketballs is rubber. These balls are made with a special formula of rubber to make them more durable for outdoor use. They also have a better grip that helps players better handle the ball during play.

Similarly, Rubber outdoor basketballs are often the popular choice by professional NBA players during practice sessions. Because they can improve their ball-handling skills and create an edge over their opponents when playing in games.

Leather Composite Basketballs

Composite leather basketballs are also good because they are extremely durable. Moreover, they provide players with an excellent grip for better control of the ball while playing. The downside to buying these outdoor basketballs is that they are usually a little more expensive than rubber balls. Even though their quality makes them well worth it in most cases.

One thing you should look for when buying a leather basketball is whether or not it has a composite cover.

Grip Ability

Balls with a leather grip are the best option as they will provide you with more control over your ball. This is especially important during outdoor games where there might be humid conditions or if it’s raining outside. Because this can make it harder to hold onto the basketball.

You can also look for an Outdoor Basketball with extra grip to increase your traction on the ball when playing outdoor basketball. Making it easier to handle without losing control or sliding around.

This is something that you want to consider buying if you want a full rubber surface. Because having more grip on the ball will help prevent you from losing control of it when it is wet or dirty.

Outdoor Courts Surface

This is important as the type of court surface you play on will determine which basketball material to buy. On an outdoor asphalt or concrete court, buying a rubber/plastic ball makes more sense. For safety reasons and because they can hold up better under these harsh conditions than leather balls would.

The same goes for playing in wet weather: plastic and rubber balls will be the best option. If you are playing on an indoor/outdoor court, buying a leather ball is still your best bet. For its grip ability and overall quality, but it may not last as long in wet conditions.

Basketball Bounce

Figure out how much bounce you need in your ball. Do you need something with more bounce because you play outside often? Or do you prefer one with less bounce because indoor surfaces are typically softer and easier to dribble?

Before buying a ball, consider how you plan to use it. For example, if your child is just starting out and you want them to play for a long time. Then buying one with more bounce would be ideal so they will not get frustrated when learning new skills. However, if it’s meant as a family activity or something, you plan to use it for a short time. Then, buying one with less bounce might be best.


When buying a ball, you don’t want it to break after just one or two uses. Choose the right material for your situation and also consider the type of court surface, whether indoor or outdoor. Outdoor games are usually rougher than indoor ones, so buying more durable ones makes sense when playing basketball.

If you are buying an outdoor basketball, look for one that has a durable material. Such as leather or rubber basketballs and has more grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hand.

Outdoor Basketball Manufacturers

Wilson, Spalding, Nike, and Adidas all make high-quality outdoor basketballs. You can also find less expensive options and still buy something that will hold up to long hours of playing outside. Even on different types of court surfaces.

Suppose you are buying an Outdoor Basketball for younger players who might not be ready for the advanced skills they need with a leather ball. Then buying a rubber/plastic basketball is also an option if they will be using it on either an indoor or outdoor court.

Basketball Warranty

Last but not least, buying an outdoor basketball with a warranty is always best. Because this ensures you get the most out of your investment.

A good warranty will cover any ball defects that occur due to poor manufacturing. Similarly, it should also provide some protection against the harsh elements found on many outdoor courts, like cracks or holes in seams. This can be extremely helpful if there are any issues with your ball.

FAQs- What To Look For When Buying An Outdoor Basketball

Q1# How do you care for an outdoor basketball?

Well, it is important to keep your outdoor basketball clean and dry. If you are playing on outdoor courts that have asphalt or concrete tiles. It’s essential to make sure the ball doesn’t bounce off the surface too much.

Q2# Is it harder to play basketball outside?

Basketball enthusiasts will tell you that it is harder to play basketball outside when you compare it with playing indoors because of the changes in conditions. The ball bounces differently on outdoor surfaces, and there’s a lot more going on. Like wind or other weather, factors affect your shots from different angles. So it would help if you had exceptional grip when playing basketball outdoors.

Q3# Indoors and outdoors, what is the difference?

The rubber of an outdoor basketball is harder than the indoor one, so it bounces better. It’s easier for players to control how high they can bounce a ball on an indoor court. And when you compare with outdoor surfaces where the wind does affect its trajectory.

Final Words

We hope that this article has helped you find the perfect outdoor basketball for your needs. As we’ve discussed, there are several factors to consider when buying an outdoor ball, and it can be overwhelming at times.

But don’t worry! Feel free to ask questions or voice concerns to our team at any time.

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