Buying Basketball Shoes with Tips for 2022!

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f you want to know how to buy basketball shoes for your upcoming basketball tournament, you are in the right place. At this point, we will discuss useful tips for buying suitable basketball shoes.

Picking a new pair of basketball shoes has become gradually challenging at the moment. Many factors are involved with basketball shoe picking.

You will find a lot of good shoe brands introducing their gaming shoe collection in the market or online store. So many options will make it a little bit confusing to pick the best and suitable model according to your necessity.

We are pretty much hopeful that our nine tips on how to buy basketball shoes make your task easy.

How Can You Select the Correct Shoes for Playing Basketball?

You need to look for a running shoe cut that provides the proper protection level you need. Most basketball players select high-top running shoes since they provide full ankle support.

Several basketball players pick mid and low-top running shoes as they’re less preventive. You require to go for a shoe with a proper sole that meets your requirements.

What Should Consider Before Buying basketball shoes?

buying basketball shoes

01. TYPE OF SHOE: First Thing To Look!

Different sports need different types of running shoes. If you are a beginner player in basketball, then you should do some training first.

You would know which types of shoes are suitable for playing basketball. This research will sort your choice of footwear. Most of the beginners make the mistake of buying snickers for playing basketball.

Don’t buy a pair of expensive models, which will make your game dreadful. You should choose running shoes that provide better cushioning and ankle support.

02. SUITABLE BUDGET: Don’t Forget To Check

In the online market or casual market, different price range products are available. Don’t confuse me at all. Before choosing a shoe, you should fix your limit very strictly.

Fix a budget range that will not change at any cost. Therefore, this decision makes your choice simple. Those pairs full fill your criteria within your budget range chose that product for purchasing.

03. FEET SIZE AND BODY TYPE: Must Needed Feature

It is imperative to know your exact feet measurement and body type. Body type means your height, weight, and all that. According to your weight, you should choose your shoe type.

If you are large, then choose a running shoe that can hold enough weight. Do not choose heavy shoes if you have less body weight. Heavy boots will slow down your speed severely.

You should choose a shoe that has enough space for your feet with a firm grip and comfort. Always select the shoe size that will fit your feet tightly, not loosely.

After a few uses, the tight-fit shoes will set with your feet nicely. But if you choose the wider one, that will release more space after some applications. So, it becomes uncomfortable for you to wear a shoe that is bigger than your feet.

04. PLAYING SKILL: Additional Feature

Excitement can be an actual interruption when it comes to basketball shoe buying but fix a limit about the whole thing. Some shoes with high price ranges are stuffed towards the top players.

If you are not a topper-level player, then you do have not so much anxiousness about your shoe. Don’t even try to buy expensive and latest technology shoes.

You just choose average quality shoes that give you excellent service. But if you have a reasonable budget and you are so much choosy then go for the latest one.

05. CUSHIONING: Extra Feature To Watch Out

The comfort of a shoe is the essential criterion for selecting a pair of shoes. It is tough to choose a shoe that gives you proper support.

Though different features relate to various cushion materials, therefore, it depends on what you prefer for picking up one. Different cushion materials provide different responsiveness rates.

You should choose between air-based or foam cushioning shoes. So, your selection will more be sorted for this Feature. We can inform you about more cushioning materials, but it just a wasting of time.

Based on previous customers’ and experts’ opinions, our suggestion is to choose either foam cushioning shoes or air-based shoes. Let us tell you that air-based cushioning shoes are more durable than foam cushion shoes.

On the other hand, foam cushion shoes are reasonable than air-based shoes. The air-based cushion can return more energy than what you put on them. Some people love to change their shoes frequently.

If you are changing shoes so often, then choosing a foam cushion will be a wise decision for you. But if you want shoes that last for a long time at least one year then choose air-based shoes.

06. Quality Of Out-Sole

The outsole of a shoe is an essential feature to look at before you choose your basketball shoe. Most of the shoes are with rubber out-sole at present.

But you have to find the best quality rubber outsole that will provide durability. The outsole should be suitable for all types of surfaces of walking.

If you are buying a shoe only for basketball, then it is not so difficult to choose. Choose the shoe that has a thick, soft, and well pattern rubber sole. Poor quality rubber sole doesn’t provide durability and a strong grip as you need.


Your basketball shoe quality will depend on your choice of shoe materials. The durability of your shoes also mostly depends on shoe construction material.

There are so many different materials shoes are available in the market. Synthetic, fiber, leather, etc. materials are typical for basketball shoes. So, you have to decide which one you pick.

You can choose synthetic material shoes because they will last for a long. For your rough practice, durable shoes will support a lot.

08. STURDINESS: Important Feature To Look At

Sturdiness is important. You will buy a shoe for spending your valuable money. So you don’t want your pump will damage after some use. Poor quality shoes just fall after one or two weeks of use.

But it is not expected for anyone. So, you should study the previous customer’s review of the shoe that you are going to choose.

Customers’ ratings and reviews are an excellent source of information and also trust-able. Therefore, be careful about choosing a basketball shoe and must check the durability of the shoe.

09. LOOK & STYLE: Last But Not Least

The last thing you can consider for your new basketball shoe is its appearance. Some young people firstly look at the style and look of the shoe. They made a great mistake.

A stylish look and gorgeous color attract you a lot but sometimes it will not be money worthy. First, you should check all qualities that we describe above, and then you can see the color or design of the shoe.

If you find a shoe that has both useful features and a stylish look, then you are lucky enough. Style and design also represent your personality. So, you should choose a professional look for basketball shoes.

If you find our tips useful, then follow them and buy the best quality basketball shoe. After reading the article, we hope you are clear about how to buy basketball shoes.

You can also read our previous article on how to get better at basketball.

Enjoy your game, and have fun!

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