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Basketball shoes are more than what you see players wearing on the court. They have evolved and become a super fashion that every celebrity or college student wants to have a pair.

Maybe you already know about their history and the various brands in the market, but do you know the type you should wear when in the court? In this article, we will highlight the various types of basketball shoes and their cons and pros.

different types of basketball shoes

The Main Different Types Of Basketball Shoes Discussed Below-

High top sneakers

If you are looking for maximum ankle protection, high top sneakers are the most ideal. They are the bulkiest basketball shoes and they reduce your ability to enjoy bursts of speed.

They are great for those players who jump for most of the game than those who want to enjoy fast speeds. High-top sneakers offer the best shock absorption.

When in a forward position a player needs to be aggressive and in charge. This type is the most ideal for a player in this position and on most occasions, he/she tends larger and therefore needs maximum support.

A good example of high-top sneakers is the Nike LeBron XIII. It is quite expensive, but those who have tested it say that it is worth the money. High tops are often heavier but because of modern technology, they have become more lighter and streamlined.

They feature a phylon midsole that runs through the whole length of the midsole to supply a player with artifact and stability that continues to be comparatively lightweight. The several layers of this shoe provide flexible support that was never there before.


  • Offers amazing ankle support
  • Helps players who jump for most of the game.


  • Bulky.
  • Reduces speed.

Mid-Top Sneakers

Mid-top sneakers offer a player a better ability to switch from one position to another because they sit right at the ankle. This implies that with these shoes you sacrifice stability but improve movement. It is best for players who want to enjoy quick bursts of speed and a bit of jumping.

Mid-tops also offer good ankle support, while not limiting the player’s ability to make quick switches during play on the court. They are good for versatile players.

A good example of mid-top is the Nike PG 3. It is an all-around shoe that is relatively affordable and is great for all types of players.

Mid-tops feature a half-bootie look and provide a great fit. Their collars are padded and smooth with a durable material that does not easily rip. They hug the ankle providing a cushioning that has spring to it.


  • Offers a bit of ankle support.
  • Good for quick switches.


  • Does not offer enough stability.
  • Not good for jumpers because of reduced shock absorption.

Low Top Sneakers

Of all the basketball sneakers, low-top sneakers offer the least amount of ankle support. They are undeniably the lightest basketball shoes a player can ever wear. They allow a player to enjoy quick and fast movements but they provide less support for jumping. Low-tops are good for players who are defending because they can sacrifice ankle support at the expense of quick and fast movement on the court.

A great example of a low-top is the Under Armour Curry 3 Zero. These shoes have excellent traction that does well dusty and clean courts. The cushioning of these shoes is firm and offers the support needed however someone may feel a bit of rigidity on the foot.

Low-tops are excellent for players that are a bit lighter and are looking for fast and quick speeds. They are best for basketballers who want the ability to feel the court rather than impact protection. They are not the best for players who are looking for impact protection during play.


  • Best for players who are looking for speed.
  • They are very light.


  • Ankle support is poor.
  • Do not offer impact protection.


Q1: What are basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are specially designed to be used on the court for playing basketball. These shoes are meant to offer cushioning, ankle support, and absorb shock. They are made so because basketball is an intense game. Basketball players are involved in constant runs, direction switches, and jumping on the court and these shoes are made to keep up with this.

Q2: Are basketball shoes good for hiking?

Basketball shoes are specially made for asphalt and wood because they are the materials used to make a basketball court. They are not good on trails. Hiking shoes need to provide great traction and therefore your pair of basketball shoes will not offer you the traction you need on trails. Using basketball for hiking is dangerous because your feet may slip and you may end up getting injured.

Q3: Where to Buy Basketball Shoes?

The shoes are found almost in any sportswear store. There are several stores you can walk into and purchase a pair; some stores even have a track where you can do some runs and jumps to test the shoes before you settle on a pair.

There are also online stores that sell basketball shoes. If you don’t have time to walk into a store you can shop online and have them delivered to your place.

Q4: Are there different types of basketball shoes?

 There are different types of basketball shoes that vary in style, design, and functionality. There are low-top shoes, mid-top shoes, high-top shoes, and even basketball sneakers. These variations help to accommodate the needs of different players.

Low-tops are typically recommended for outdoor play because they provide more ankle support. Mid-tops can be used in any weather conditions and provide maximum flexibility on the court while high-tops offer better protection from the ball during a game. Basketball sneakers are designed with ventilation and traction in mind to keep your feet cool while you’re playing all day long.

Q5:  What types of shoes are best for basketball?

 As with any sport, the type of shoes you should wear will depend on what type of basketball player you are. Shoes that are best for dribbling, running, jumping and quick change-of-direction movements include lightweight and fast-drying materials such as leather or synthetic suede.

The benefits of these types of shoes include:

  • High traction and durability.
  • Good balance between cushioning comfort and support.
  • Breathable material to reduce foot odor.

 Q6: How are basketball shoes different?

The basketball shoe is a type of footwear that is worn by players of the sport. The shoe is designed to protect the foot and ankle while also allowing for movement, including jumping, turning, and changing directions on the court.

There are many different types of basketball shoes. There are leather shoes with thick soles made specifically for ball handling and speed, synthetic leather with molded rubber soles for grip, low-top shoes for quicker moves and quick change-of-direction in games as well as defense, high-tops designed to absorb shock from hard landings and help prevent injuries from playing on concrete courts or other surfaces where impact can be significant.

Final Words

Purchase your basketball shoes depending on the role you play on the court. If you prefer fast speed to jump then high-tops are best for you and if speed is your priority on the court consider the low-tops. Remember also to buy shoes that fit you well because comfort on the court cannot be overlooked.

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