Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher (Detail Explained) In 2022!

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Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher? Running, jumping, bouncing, and making the goal! Sounds pretty cool, right? With a sporty basketball, you need the eternal pair of shoes that can break down every movement. Let me not tell you a white lie!

Among the non-experts, there is a myth that there is no need for a particular kind of basketball shoes. And you can just pick random shoes for playing. But to what extent you can agree to play fair with just in general-purpose made shoes?

I guess there is no escape to play and win basketball matches without basketball shoes. If you ask yourself, why do I need basketball shoes? Let me clear you this dilemma for the atheistic football players!

do basketball shoes make you jump higher

Who doesn’t want to be the champion in every match? But you need a lot of practice, patience, and grip on the court. You need to be speedy and more able to jump higher.

So, did this ever knock your mind that does basketball shoes make you jump higher? The short answer is ” Yes, Basketball shoes will make you jump higher and your body gets trained such to leap higher with these shoes that even with traditional shoes those high jumps stay with you.

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Jump Higher – The Ultimate Training Guide To A Higher Vertical Jump

What is a higher vertical jump? Just jumping towards above, right? In the right term, I can say when you jump vertically, you ease your upper body by leaving into the air. And you keep your lower body activated to push the upper body above and hold onto them as much as possible.

Since Basketball shoes can make you jump higher, it’s not wise to rely on shoes. There are some exercises to try now that will enhance your jumping productivity.

When I was just 10 years old, I started to make movements to jump higher and higher. And I found out there is no shortcut mastery to vertical jump. You can’t just or no athlete can learn to jump vertically higher overnight.

So, how to jump higher vertically? There are ways and steps to follow regularly.

Step 1: Dip

The first thing you have to do is to flex your hip, knee, and ankle in a half-sitting posture. Experts’ athletes call it the eccentric phase. And the is the first stage that you will start to jump vertically higher.

Step 2: Pause

This is the pause stage where you will just take your hand behind and the legs will stay in half bend position and the head will be upward. Your upper body will stay in upward mode while the lower part along with both hands will be in downward mode. This stage is known as the amortization phase. In this phase, you are just one step behind before jumping.

Step 3: Explosion

Ultimately, you have to release your upper body in the air and make sure the hands are ahead of your head. This is the concentric phase where you have to be very sharp to focus on the hoop height and be able to reach there.

Basketball shoes that make you jump higher: Top 3 Choices

Though you have to train yourself for jumping higher, and there are no magical basketball shoes to make you jump higher. But you can choose shoes to boost your jumping ability. So, what are the shoes that make you jump higher?

01. Beita High Upper – Best Anti-Slip Breathable Jumping Shoes

Beita High Upper – Best Anti-Slip Breathable Jumping Shoes


For an ideal sport shoe choice, you need to be very picky. And when your goal is to make high jumping, you must be very choosy and alert. Beita high Upper shoes are an amazing choice for your high jumping and training.

It supports your weight when you want to make yourself a pro-high jumping athlete.  There is a damping sole inside of it that forces your feet to have an accurate position. On the other hand, the materials are breathable. You will never slip due to sweats.

If you want to be the next game champion, this shoe is going to help you all the way. The materials are anti grip featured. So, you can run or high jump with all the freedom.

Its inside better cushion pattern gives a comfortable feeling while moving faster. Else, after jumping while you make a fall, the fall shouldn’t hurt your feet or ankle anyhow. Its superior cushion gives great support to your jump and fall.

Along with the verities of color, Beita comes in multiple sizes too. From the kid to men’s, there are many sizes are available.

What We Like

  • Durable quality made.
  • Breathable materials.
  • Comfortable for long-time use.
  • Multipurpose shoe.
  • Affordable price.

What We Don’t Like

  • Narrow feet won’t fit perfectly.


02. UUBARIS Men’s Teenager High Top Basketball – Best Non-Slip Shoes for Training Running Jumping

UUBARIS Men’s Teenager High Top Basketball


If you are tired of so-called sport shoe brands and now want an authentic shoe, then UUBARIS is the solution for you. Whoever wants a full freedom experience on the court, will satisfy them.

From teenagers to men, every athlete’s sports experience desire will come true with this basketball shoe. Its comfortable fashion to high jumping support makes it a well-packed sports shoe.


Since its outsole is durable rubber constructed, you will always get a good grip on the surface. While it’s time to jump, you will not lose control.

What We Like

  • Stylish and super cool design.
  • Durable construction.
  • Can be used for sports, walking, or gym time.
  • Comfortable for rubber insoles.

What We Don’t Like

  • Could have more available color variations.


03. PEAK Men’s Basketball Shoes Breathable – Best Anti Slip Sports Jumping Shoes

PEAK Men’s Basketball Shoes Breathable


Running and jumping shoes always require a high-performing pair of shoes. If you want to enhance your jumping performance and make as many goals as you want, then these PEAK Men’s Basketball shoes are the ideal choice for you.

This one gives amazing support to the weight. Else, it increases your jumping flexibility for its soft and breathable sock liner. Most of the novice and professionals have so much to do with the flexibility of the sole.

Special ventilation is created for its perforated leather. Else, the special kind of knit fabric gives an anti-sweat feature.


Since its outsole is durable rubber constructed, you will always get a good grip on the surface. While it’s time to jump, you will not lose control.


There is durable rubber used in the outsole. It offers better cushioning. So, you are going to get the ideal fit on any surface. Whether you are running on the cement road or making jumps on the court. Else, for a training session, you will be able to capture control better in a shorter time.


This shoe is available for men’s sizes. For kids, they don’t yet offer any size.

What We Like

  • Beautiful design and multiple color choices.
  • Comfortable material construction.
  • Anti-sweat mechanism.
  • High-quality cushioning gives balance support.

What We Don’t Like

  • No available sizes for kids.


Q1# Can a shoe make you jump higher?

No, shoes can’t make you jump higher. There are no such magical shoes. But shoes can help you to get the proper training of high jumping.

Q2# What should I look for when buying basketball shoes for the vertical jump?

The most two important factors are cushioning and outsole. You have to check out if the cushioning is well occupied to give a proper support and comfort feeling. And the outsole must be wide and flat for keeping the balance in the right posture.

Q3# How tight should I wear the shoes for high vertical jumping?

Ans: You shouldn’t tighten the shoes beyond your comfort zone. The basketball shoes should be tight but in a fair way that won’t make your feet feel very suffocated or not very loose, that will make the shoes a kind of slippery.

Final Words

From the training steps to the best shoes for high jumping, we have covered everything that may come across your way of being a pro athlete. So, what do you think now do basketball shoes make you jump higher or not?

Well, you need to go through a proper training session by yourself or you can seek help from a professional to make yourself a higher jumper. And you can add fuel to your training with the right pair of shoes.

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