How to Clean Basketball Shoes Perfectly?

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Are you buying new basketball shoes for your next NBA tour? Your friends might be cheering you for that. But do you know how to maintain them properly for the long run?

It reminds me of when my little brother was obsessed with playing basketball during his college days. Sadly, none of his shoes lasted longer than a month since he would not clean them properly.

It does not matter how good of a brand you are buying them. From Nike to Adidas, Puma to Jordan, every basketball shoe needs as much pampering as your core basketball session. Let me guide you some more for a clean and sparkly shoe with today’s article about how to clean basketball shoes.

Structure of  Basketball Shoes

Before understanding the cleaning process, you need to have a piece of thorough knowledge of the structure of basketball shoes. Each shoe is divided into three main sections- the upper portion, midsole, and lower sole.

The upper portion contains a shoelace to tie up and protect the dorsal part of your feet. It surrounds the entire fit with much comfort and heaviness. The midsole is the part where your feet go in. The lower sole is comparatively thicker in size.

There are three different cuts on the shoes to determine your motion and protection of the feet. They are high-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut shoes.

how to clean basketball shoes

Necessity of maintenance

People often confuse the maintenance of basketball shoes with running shoes. Running shoes may not need much pampering, but basketball shoes do. The health of your feet depends so much on knowing how to clean sports shoes.

It also distinguishes your performance from other players since cleaning shoe materials will higher up running, jumping, and pushing during the play.

Maintaining the shoes from time to time may also be associated with getting rid of dirt and the odor of the feet.

Some Common Inquiries

Now, let’s jump straight to what we are here for today- the details about how to clean basketball shoes and take those pairs of sneakers to several championships.

Q1. How do you clean basketball shoes at home?

You can add three ingredients to your cleaning process- warm water, eco-friendly laundry detergent, and a soft cloth. First, mix the first two and apply them to the show.

After rubbing softly with a clean cloth, you can rinse it off with another cloth and let it dry. It is better not to go with any harsh rubbing with hard brushes on the surface.

Q2. How do you clean basketball sneakers?

Before jumping directly onto the cleaning methods, brush off the dirt gently from the three individual sections of the sneakers. You are recommended to use a soft-bristled brush for that.

The next part includes mixing a mild cleaning solution with warm water and applying it to the surface. You can air dry it once done.

Q3. How can I make my basketball shoes white again?

If your white basketball shoes have caught stubborn dirt, the normal cleaning steps will not do much to get rid of that. Even after putting on much effort, the shoe will come out grey after drying it.

As a smart choice, you can put plain white toothpaste in soapy water and clean the shoes with a washcloth. After this process, rinse off the extra detergent from the shoe surface with another cloth. Cleaning white basketball shoes is not a tough job to do after all.

Q4. Is it OK to wear basketball shoes casually?

There is no harm in wearing basketball shoes casually if you feel comfortable in them. Although the shoes seem tough from the outside, they are much lighter to move with.

Since they are targeted mainly at basketball players, these will provide much shielding to your feet from daily dust particles of the environment. Most people wear basketball shoes casually to extend the length of fashion sense and to match up with new trends.

Q5. How do you clean a dirty basketball?

It is as much necessary to keep the basketball clean as it is for the shoes or sneakers. Basketballs are mainly made of leather and you have to take extra care for the best cleaning steps.

  • First, put a detergent mix in warm water. The entire mixture has to be half a bucket. Then take a dry cloth to put in the mixture and rub the surface of the ball gently.
  • It will help you scrap the first line dirt from the ball. Later you can go harder with the same cloth on the basketball.
  • After being done, it is suggested to air dry it.

Q6. How do you clean expensive shoes?

The cleaning process for luxury shoes is almost the same as regular ones. The only step where you have to be extra cautious is while using detergent. It is recommended to use mild detergent rather than harsh detergent on the shoe surface.

Before applying the detergent and warm water mixture, make sure to discard extra waste from the shoe surface with a brush. You can also add plain white toothpaste for better results.

Q7. Can I spray Febreze in my shoe?

Wondering how to clean smelly basketball shoes? It is fundamental to clear out any musty odor from the shoes before wearing them from time to time. Bad smell is not only unhygienic for the feet but also makes people comfortable while outside.

It is ok to spray Febreze, a shoe deodorizer, in the shoe to get rid of any smell inside the shoe that can be caused by sweating of the feet or other things.

Q8. How can I make my shoes smell fresh?

Basketball players often wonder about how to clean rubber shoes. The main game begins with keeping the shoe smell-free. You can use baking soda to put it inside your shoes overnight.

The soda will absorb any rotten odor from the inside and make your shoes smell just like a new one. You can also use fresh orange, lime, or grapefruit peel to do the job. There are bounce dry sheets that you can place on the shoe surface for the same reason.

Q9. How long should basketball shoes last?

The shoes have to be replaced from time to time according to the times you use them. If you use the basketball shoes only 2-3 times a week, the shoes are good to go for the next 4-5 months straight. Any time more than that will cause a replacement in a month.

Q10. How do you clean basketball shoes for grip?

A better grip is necessary for the basketball shoes to stand on the court and prevent slippage. The lower sole tends to attract more dirt easily that making it lose its grip.

If you can get rid of the dirt by cleaning them regularly, your job here is done. You can either use a soft-bristle brush or a damp towel to gently rub off the dirt. Make sure to get inside the grooves without being harsh.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a pair of basketball shoes is not as jam-packed as the shoe itself. There are many simple ways to do so without wasting much time and getting much dirt in your hands. A clean shoe determines the quality of your performance and the well-being of your feet.

This article contains all the necessary details to care for your basketball shoes or sneakers in the most pleasant ways. Cleaning, drying, discarding bad odors, all of these must be kept in mind while diving into the process of how to clean basketball shoes.

Wait no further in becoming the next LeBron with a clean pair of shoes in your feet. Who knows, maybe the NBA is on your way.

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