How To Put a Net On a Basketball Hoop – Learn With Tips!

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The net always plays an important role in the basketball game, though it’s not something very crucial. A striped hoop with no net is okay, but you’ll never find a professional game without one. So, why is this such important? We’ll discuss it.

Now, you may be facing some difficulties because your net started to go bad. Maybe your net is rotting, full of extra holes, or so ancient that the rope is starting to come undone.

Okay, leave it on us. From this article, you’ll know why and how to put a net on a basketball hoop.

Let’s begin!

Why Is It Important To Replace The Net?

There are a couple of reasons why putting a net on the basketball hoop is very important. Unfortunately, there are some pretty bad accidents that can happen when a game gets heated.

Firstly, the net is basically designed to prevent injuries. Yes, the net slows down the velocity of the ball and operates it downwards so it falls to the floor rather than bouncing out of the hoop and leading to smack the player’s face.

Secondly, if you or anyone in your household tries to practice for a school game or some sort of club, it’s important to get used to the net. We mentioned it, almost every professional game at any level is played with the net. So, naturally, the players who practice with it installed have an advantage over those who do not.

How To Put A Net On A Basketball Hoop

Things You’ll Need

Let’s have a look at what you are going to need to replace the net:

  • A new basketball net
  • A step ladder
  • A pair of scissors

7 Steps Of how to put a net on a basketball hoop

Once you are done with managing or purchasing the things, you are ready to go. We have compiled here 7 easy steps to make your path easier. Let’s go through the steps:

Step 1: Set Your Ladder Up

First of all, set your ladder up so that it is centered under the front of the rim. If you have an adjustable hoop, it would be better to lower it as low as you can. Once you’re done with lowering it, make sure that it is secured.

In case, it goes low enough, you may not need a ladder, but still, it can make the job much easier.

Step 2: Cut The Old Net

Carefully climb the ladder and then, have your helper hand the scissors to you when you are stable and in a comfortable place. Cut each of the loops near the rim and as well as pool the remaining parts of the net out of the hooks on the rim.

Step 3: Figure Out The Long Loops On Net

Now, you have to figure out which side of the net to attach to the rim. If you can’t find which side of the net to attach, find the ends of the net with longer loops. These will be the end you attach to the rim.

Step 4: Push The Net Loop Into The Rim Hook

Firstly, grab the long net loops using your index finger and thumb. Squeeze it as if you can push it through the rim hook from the inside of the rim to the outside of the rim.

Step 5: Fix The Net Loop To The Rim Hook

Now, open up the net loop enough that you are able to loop it around the front of the rim hook. Then, hold it in a place with your hands and firmly pool the net loop from the inside of the rim as if the loop tightens firmly in the rim hook.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 And 5

So, now you need to hook the remaining net loops to the remaining rim hooks. On a standard rim, there are 12 hooks, so you should have 11 more to go. Make 100% sure that you don’t skip a single loop or hook.

Also, keep the net loops straight and do not get them entangled with the other loops. Otherwise, you may need to remove the entangled loops and re-attach them.

Step 7: Pull The Net Tight

Finally, grab the bottom of the net and firmly pull it downward to make sure all of the loops are attached and to stretch and straighten the net out a little.

Voila! You can start shooting some hoops and have fun playing basketball with your new net.

Safety Guidelines

You must remember to pay attention to safety when putting a net on a hoop. If you are going to install a new hoop, put the net around the hoop before the final installation so you don’t need to attach the net while in the air.

If you are going to replace the net and cannot the hoop down, use a stepladder very carefully on the flat. I repeat, please be very careful and make sure your ladder is stable on the ground. You better take someone’s help in case you fall.

Do not ever lean a ladder against a wobbly surface, and also, do not try to hand onto the hoop to steady yourself (as it is likely to fall from your weight).


Q1: What size is a standard basketball hoop?

Basketball rims are 18 inches in diameter. The top of the hoops is 10 feet above the ground.

Q2: What are the types of basketball net?

Some common basketball nets in the market are- Basketball chain net, the Official on-court game net, Nylon, and polyester net, Glow the dark basketball net, and so on.

Q3: How do you attach a net to a basketball hoop?

The first step is to get a net and make sure it fits the height of the basketball hoop.

Once you have found a net that fits, the next step is to take some string and tie it on each side of the hoop so that it is tight enough for your hand to fit in between.

Next, you will need to get two pieces of rope and attach one end of each piece of rope around each side of the net so that they are tied in a knot. Now hold both ropes together with one hand while using your other hand to make a loop at the top end of both ropes.

Once you have made a loop at the top end, insert your arm through this loop until your arm reaches the bottom end, and then bring your arm back up through this loop by pulling on both ropes simultaneously.

 Q4: How do you put a net on a basketball hoop without a hook?

There are many ways to put a net on a basketball hoop without a hook. The simplest way is to use duct tape. You can also use plastic wrap, tin foil, or aluminum foil for the same purpose.

 Q5: How do you take a net off a basketball hoop?

There are a few ways to take a net off a basketball hoop. The most common way is by taking the net down and then taking it over to the other side of the court.

Another way is by grabbing the top of the net and pulling it over to you while holding onto one of the crossbars on either side. You can also use your arms to push or pull at one of the bottom corners in order to dislodge it from its moorings.

 Q6: How do you install a chain net?

 A chain net is a structure that consists of interwoven, crisscrossing steel cables. The cables are usually encased in concrete and have an anchor at each end, with the anchor bolts connected to steel plates embedded in the ground.

Chain nets can be installed to prevent people from entering a space or to restrict access to vehicles and equipment. They are also used for large pieces of heavy machinery such as trucks, cranes, and other heavy equipment that need to operate on a specific area without damaging it.

The installation process is pretty simple but it needs some tools like drill bits, hacksaw blades, and other construction tools like sockets and wrenches.

 Q7: How do you put a basketball rim on a backboard?

 A basketball rim is usually installed on a backboard. This is done by first removing the existing screws from the backboard, then attaching the rim to the backboard with the screws that are leftover.

The final step in this process is to secure any leftover screws with nuts and washers onto one of the side posts.


Final Words

Well, that’s all we have stored for you. As we break all the points into pieces, we hope that you are now no more confused about putting a net on a basketball hoop.

As you can see that replacing the net is quite a simple task, so don’t hesitate to replace it whenever it starts to feel worn or you just want to give new life to your hoop.

Good luck!

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