Jump Manual Review For Beginners

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There are quite a few programs out there that focus your jumping in basketball matches. The jump manual is undoubtedly one of the most talked about. Let’s find out how this method can energize and open you up to jump and dunk in this brief jump manual review.

There are quite a few basic things you should keep in mind before starting. The jump manual focuses on various scientific ideas and can work well for you when you finish it.

But it requires extreme user determination and hard work. So, it is like a challenge for anyone who’s thinking about going for this program. Let’s see what this challenge holds!

Jacob Hiller – The Founder of Jump Manual Training Methodology

If you’d like to know about the program, you then must know the one who is behind the whole thing. Yes, Jacob Hiller started out with a program to empower people who find it challenging to jump higher.

He has a background in coaching both NBA and Olympic sportsmen. There are many trainers you’d find online who may provide information on how to jump higher, but Jacob has an experienced pool of over 15 years, and he focuses mainly on vertical leap training, which is quite rare.  

And finally, he’s a certified and well-renowned trainer in the world of Basketball. He doesn’t only view jumping from physical perspectives but also sheds light on the psychological aspects of breaking the mental barrier that holds you down!

From the very get-go, Jacob wishes to cut down that rope and let you reach those extra inches that you always wanted.

Jump Manual Review

Nine Key Factors 

In his, Jump-Manual Jacob covers nine principle factors that push an individual for better jumps.

The thing that Jump Manual does is, instruct you to combine the results from these nine variables into a super powerful and lifting jump.

Let’s look shortly at the nine key factors that enable you to jump better.

01. Power

The jump manual focuses mainly on the muscle fibers that give you a quick boost of power, necessary for high jumps.

02. Pace

It also trains you for pace and quickness that gives a burst of energy for jumps.

03. Conditioning

Conditioning of the particular muscles that helps you jump is a must, and this manual lets you know how that conditioning can be performed.

04. Combination or Form

The manual focuses on how to combine the different body parts while making a good jump.

05. Dietary Habit and Nutrition

Food is vital in this program. Key food ingredients required for the growth of jump-enhancing muscles are detailed in the program. Other dietary habits such as when to eat, before and after work out nutrition, you get it all.

06. Keeping Yourself Flexible

Flexibility is a key factor while making good jumps. It will make your hike easier by giving you an automated motion. And it is highly discussed in the manual.

07. Balance

Balance gives you the correct position and center of mass points during the jump. The manual also covers how this can happen.

08. Body Weight

The manual helps you jump higher by letting you know when to cut extra weight that weighs you down.

09. Genetics

You can never wipe out what you were born with. But you can modify and shape it for maximum performance; the manual focuses on that as well. Determining your physical handicaps and strengths gives you a complete and appropriate jump guide for your body type.

Workouts During the Program

Workouts During the Program Over the course of this 3-month long program, you will go through mainly 3 different sorts of workout patterns. Stretching is a must for any type of workout; that is why we’re not counting it.

A. Plyometric Workouts

Plyometric training is vital for any sort of jumping. Fast-twitch muscles are enhanced with such workouts, which gives you a momentary power boost instantly for quick and higher jumps. Medicine balls, split, and box jumps are some of the Plyometric workouts you will go through.

B. Strength Workouts

Hiller believes strength is a key element behind a dunk. You have to be in a physically sound condition to meet this challenge. Because it includes exercises like the deadlift and squat sets.

C. Core Build-up Training

Building up a strong core is also a must in jump manual training. It gives your body the inner energy to carry the whole body’s weight while making those dunks.

As you might have guessed, crunches and planks are some of the essential exercises that you will encounter in this workout.

Things you Need 

Before enlisting in a physical training course, this is something that goes through everyone’s mind. Just like many other programs, Jump Manual also requires you several things without which the program does not work.

First of all, we’d recommend this to you only if you’re in a stable and robust physical condition. People with underlying medical issues can find it difficult.

Joint and tissue-related issues can also be problematic because of the extreme nature of the program. Then again, access to a full-fledged gym is also recommended.

This program DOES require gym equipment, such as deadlifts and many Plyometric training tools. Although the program offers some alternatives to gym equipment, it may not be as wholly practical as it is with the material.

Program Difficulty and Caution

Is the program challenging?

Yes, it is.

No one gets those inches without sweat, so the program is quite challenging and physically demanding.

High nutrition input and proper sleep pattern during these 3 months is a must. If you have an issue with spending the nighttime looking at your phone, your body will surely break apart.

DO keep these in mind. It is a must for many of the severe exercises that you’ll have to go through in terms of using caution. Best to have a trainer by your side while you’re doing heavy squats.

Expert observation is necessary while you’re going for deadlifts. These are exercises that can easily give you serious injuries, so please consult experienced individuals during this training.


Q1# Is the jump manual legit?

The jump manual is a training program that claims to help you reach your full potential in athletics. The program was developed by Mike Hyneman and Adam Savage, the two hosts of Myth busters.

It consists of video tutorials, audio lessons, and written material to guide you through the process of becoming a better athlete.

There are many benefits of this program such as:

  • It can improve strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and agility.
  • It can help build muscle mass.
  • It will reduce injuries and increase recovery time for sports performance.

Q2# Is it possible to get a 50 inch vertical?

Yes, it is possible to get a 50-inch vertical jump.

The key thing that you need to focus on is your training and diet. You should work out as much as possible and consume healthy food such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Q3# What was Michael Jordan’s vertical leap?

The vertical leap is the highest point of a jump that an athlete can achieve. It is measured in inches and centimeters.

Michael Jordan’s vertical leap was 43.5 inches or 109 cm.

To Sum Up

Although a bit time-consuming and challenging, this can be a good program for those who aren’t able to dunk yet. This unique vertical training program is undoubtedly one of the most successful strategies you’ll find there.

Plus, being administered by a world-class trainer in the basketball industry and many up-to-date online materials, this is an absolute masterpiece!

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