Know Fast The Comparison Height For The NBA In 2021

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Tall players get a lot of advantages in basketball when playing to keep the ball away from contenders. Their height supports them in reaching the way to the basketball goal and shielding the ball in opposition to the opponents.

This article is going to assist you to know the average NBA height comparison. The previous report shows that during the 2017-2018 NBA seasons, there were 20 American players of at least 7 feet in height.

What is the average height for NBA players?

The model height of the NBA hasn’t been alike all the time.

If we notice history, we can see that the average height of an NBA player in 1952 was about 3 inches smaller than the present.

And then the player’s standard height increased to 6’7″ in 1987. Since then, the standards haven’t changed much, and it seems like it has set a level in there.

Surprisingly, even though after 1987 the average height of players stopped growing, they started to gain weight. They reached the utmost weight of 221 lbs.

But this tendency has changed because the form of basketball has changed to become speedy and enclosure-oriented. Players are getting rid of their extra weight and becoming thin again.

NBA Height Comparison

Progression of a player’s height and weight from 1952 to 2018!

If we look at different graphs and charts about the NBA height comparison from 1952 to 2018, we will notice a shift. We can see that an average player’s height was 6’6.9″ in 2012/13; it changed to 6’7″ in 2013/14 and remained at the same level till 2018.

Moreover, the weight of an average player was 221 lbs from 2012/13 to 2014/15, but it changed to 219 lbs in 2015/16. From then, it became 218 lbs in 2015/16, and the standard weight turned into 217 lbs in 2017/18.

But we cannot be sure about the clear distribution of the heights of the players. A chart shows that a player of 6’8″ counts to play for 12.2% of all minutes played.

On the contrary, 20 players who were 6 feet or less than 6 feet had 4% of playing time. In contrast, 45 players of 7 feet or taller had 8.8% of playing time.

Interestingly, we can consider a drastic change for players between 6’6″ and 6’10”, they made up half of all minutes played, which is (51.1%)! Clearly, height plays a big role here.

Even though 6ft is a common height among the general population, very few can make it to the NBA because it requires not only height but skills too.

Required height for NBA

Tall people have many advantages in the NBA over average heights. You can calculate your height, weight and compare it to other players of the NBA, therefore know your position.

For example, if your weight is 180 lbs and your height is 6ft, in comparison to players of 2017/18, you are 7 inches shorter and 37 lbs lighter than average.

There were 15 players at your height, with 3.5% of total minutes played. Five players with 0.6% of playtime were shorter than 6ft. On the other hand, 523 players were taller than 6ft, with 95.9% of total times played.

Standard height of point guards in the NBA

A regulation basketball game has five positions, and the point guard is the most important role amongst them. In the 1952-53 seasons, the point guards were with an overall height of around 6 feet. But they have grown taller until they reached the highest level of 6’3” in 1987.

Rookie Ben Simmons (6’10”) had set the new record for point guards in 2017/18 of 6’3”. He became third in minutes played. But the height of an average player as a point guard depends more on the player’s talent than trends.

Skill and expertise always beat anything. For the position of power guard, knowledge about basketball, IQ, and understanding it is more important than physique.

In the 2017/18 season, 6’3” was the most frequent height for point guards. Players like Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, and Stephen Curry can be given as an example.

The biggest guy as a point guard was Ben Simmons with 6’10” height; the shortest guy was Isaiah Thomas (5’9”).

Standard height of shooting guards in the NBA

The height of shooting guards had a balanced change from year to year and reached a steady stage of 6’5″ around 2000. The average height of a shooting guard is comparatively lower than that of a power guard.

The tallest shooting guard of 2017/18 was 6’9” whereas the tallest power guard was 6’10”.

Nearly every shooting guard is between 6’3″ to 6’7″. Even if you play as a shooting guard, but you are 6’9”, you will be classified as a small forward.

Height of small forwards in the NBA

In reports and graphs, we can notice that small forwards are growing taller year after year.
In 1952, they started at the height of 6’4″ and continued to grow.

They reached their peak of 6’8″ in 2015. Every year, they seem to be 2.5″ taller than average. The majority of players in small forwards are between 6’6″ and 6’9″.

Height of power forwards in the NBA

This position has had the most transition over the years. Power forwards were known to be big-powerful low post players. But now they are accustomed to stretching the floor.

Power forwards are at a general height of 6’9″ since 1987, with yearly inconsistency.

Height of centers in the NBA

They show alike changes as power forwards. There are very few varieties in their heights, most of them are 6’11” or 7′. Their height reached a big level in 1996 of 7 feet.


This article on NBA height comparison will help you a lot to fulfill your desire to be in the NBA. You can see that not only your physique but also your skills and knowledge of basketball are very important.

You have to be sharp and quick-witted as well as systematic. From the information given above, you can predict that there is a 28% chance for you to get into the NBA if you are at a minimum of 7 feet tall. So, Best of luck!


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