Point Guards Vs Shooting Guards! Now You Can Understand The Differences

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The great American Basketball player Stephen Curry once quoted, “basketball isn’t just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed.  The game of basketball is not a one-man game it’s a team sport”. In a match, the spirit, strength, and talents of 5 players on two sides become 2-different power that fights off each other to prove who’s the best one that day. We will discuss Point Guards Vs Shooting Guards in this article and their responsibility on the court.

On earth, we have each other’s individual purpose to serve, and it’s the same for the basketball players on the court. And among those roles, one of the most vital ones is the guard.

In this article, we will let you know how two different types of guards in a match work. So, without any further ado, let’s get to today’s topic, point guards vs shooting guards.

point guards guards vs shooting guards

Basketball Guard Types Simplified (Mainly Point Guards Vs Shooting Guards)

In a basketball match, there are usually 4-types of guards. Such as:

  1. Combo Guard
  2. Point Guard
  3. Shooting Guard
  4. Off Guard

Each guard has an individual role to play. The shortest player in the team normally gets to play the guard’s role. These players use their speed, fast dribbling ability, passing, and shooting on offense to sweat the hell out of the opponent team. Let’s get to break down each of the roles one by one:

     01. Combo Guard

Players positioned as point guards must have the ability to execute the role of both shooting guard and point guard. Combo guards are cherished by many teams because of their outstanding ability to perform as a passer and scorers, as well.

As combo guards are meant to perform both a shooting guard and point guard, therefore, obliged to guard different positions on defense. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see a combo guard playing as a point guard one game and a shooting guard one the next.

Combo guard players are required to have a unique combination of strength, size, and speed as they will get to compete in the most challenging positions of the court.

    02. Point Guard

Point guard players need to have a unique ability to handle the ball using exceptional dribbling moves to sneak past the defense. Also, they must have court vision.

You might be wondering what the heck is that, well, court vision is the ability to perceive any defender’s next move and anticipate the offensive player who is about to blow the thunder into the basket.

     03. Shooting Guard

The name pretty much explains the role, yes, shooting guard players are meant to shoot. The team highly relies on the shooting guards to score consistently, whether it’s about a three-point attempt from the long-range or, two points shot nearby the basket. Besides all these, shooting guards are also required to have a minimum defending ability.

Often these players get to guard the opposing team’s best shooter therefore, it’s required for them to be able to perform ‘closing out.’ So, what is closing out?

Well, it’s the ability to jump with a hand up when the opposition’s shooter is about to take a shot. It blocks the shooters from getting a vivid look at the basket.

      04. Off Guard

Shooting guards are also referred to as off guard in basketball. It’s also used instead of “2 guards” or sometimes just “2”. These players are recognized as off guard because the point guards are recognized as main guards; they bring the ball to the court, then construct the offense and dispense the ball.

The actual reason they are called off guard is that they usually remain off the side, and scoring points is what guards are there to do. Therefore, the shooting guards must stay active on offense. They need to have the excellent dribbling ability and make a creative effort to find pockets of space to create an open shot.

Off guards are okay to be also combo guards. They are getting a lot common in nowadays NBA as having players who are capable of scoring at any given position is a real jackpot.

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What Makes Point Guard Different from Shooting Guard?

So, time to answer the million-dollar question. What makes a point guard different from a shooting guard? Well, the main difference between these 2-roles is simple, they serve a different duty on the court. There are also some differences in statistical trends and height that are noticeable because of this. But the most notable difference is in the scoring and facilitating roles.


Q1# What is the main duty of guards in basketball?

The guards in a team must have the ability to defend the opponent players from scoring and also the ability to shoot well. They need to have good dribbling, quick and clever passing, and amazing court vision in the game. Overall, a guard is like a one-man army.

Q2# Is point guard the most difficult position in the court?

There are many players out there who would undoubtedly admit that point guard is the most difficult position in the court. And there’s a good reason for that. Point guard players have to be multitalented and play like a spartan. They need to have a higher IQ to make scoring opportunities for them as well as other players.

Q3# Who plays the most crucial role in the game?

Without any doubt, surely point guard is the most crucial position in the game.

Q4# What is the main duty of a shooting guard in basketball?

The main duty of the shooting guard is to shoot the ball to the basket, as simple as that. They must be capable of shooting the ball into the basket from a longer distance.

Final Verdict

Every position in a basketball game matters. As we have explained above that every player has their individual role to perform to make their team win the game. It’s teamwork like the game of football, rugby, and cricket.

Teamwork is about working together toward a common goal, and the goal is to beat the opponent and win the game. To make it happen, tremendous teamwork is a must.

Every player counts so, whether it’s about point guard or shooting guard, the main responsibility is to support each other and do the best you can to make your team win the game. We hope there’s no more confusion about point guard vs shooting guard.

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