What Socks Do NBA Players Wear: Things to Remember

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You may have seen the special shoes of NBA players, the basketball & soccer players because they have a lot of footwork. Anyways, you can ask what socks do NBA players wear?  No matter how much you have prepared for your game, you can’t do well if you don’t focus on the socks.

I once watched a basketball game & saw that some players had doubled their socks during playing, but I couldn’t understand why. Later, I researched the games & the player’s costumes to find all about that.

Let’s see the fabric, shape, manufacturers, & other things about the footwear of NBA players; let’s not waste our time.

what socks do nba players wear

Do NBA Players Wear Special Socks & Why?

Of course, the players are supposed to have specially designed socks & please make sure that the socks are thick enough. Moreover, the fabric has to be comfortable because the socks can’t cause any harm to a player’s feet.

Anyway, you may think why players need specialized socks during the game; however, these socks will keep the shoe sole and grip away from an athlete’s feet. Moreover, your feet will remain properly intact inside the shoes; they won’t feel right anyway.

Now that you know about why NBA players wear special socks, let’s see what the brands or models providing the best socks for NBA players are:

  1. Nike Men Elite Versatile Basketball Crew Socks
  2. Adidas Team Speed Crew Socks
  3. Nike Dry Elite 1.5 Basketball Crew Socks
  4. Under Armour Men Heat Gear 3-Packs Socks
  5. Rocky Anti-blister Running Socks for Men & Women

These are only some of the socks you can rely on because there are many options in front of you; the listed ones are the best-selling ones of 2021.

Things You Should Know about Nike NBA Socks

As Nike has always been the best brand for manufacturing sports shoes, socks, jerseys, & other equipment; that’s why it’s necessary to know about its socks:

  • Nike socks are available for both practice & tournaments in the uniform version; you can select anyone with the logo according to your need.
  • Moreover, the socks come in different shapes & sizes because the athletes’ feet are only different in size; all NBA players are tall.
  • Nike socks are also eligible for Olympic games & for various events, including basketball; it provides the players perfect comfort & grip.
  • It extends a lot & cleared all the tests that a sport sock should do; moreover, school & collegiate students are also good to use the socks during sports.
  • The company has all the equipment that an NBA-approved sock manufacturer needs & the workers have proper training. Nike even uses appropriate needles that make the threads & layer thicker, making the socks perfect.

If you see the features of the new addition of Nick NBA socks launched in 2017-18 & declared in 2015, it is the best among all the versions.

How Should You Buy Socks for Playing Basketball?

Choosing the socks for a basketball player is not difficult once one knows things to consider while buying NBA socks. Let’s see what things you should check or what qualities your socks should have, especially when you’re playing basketball or soccer.

– First of all, you have to check the sock’s fabric or material because that’s quite important; the fabric should be cotton, nylon, polyester, and other things. Mixing the material has various purposes; first, the socks should soak the sweat.

It soaks sweat quickly but never lets your feet dry and keeps them perfect; moreover, the fabric should be comfortable & should not cause any injury.

– The thickness is another thing that you should consider because basketball socks‘ thickness is more than usual. However, the thickness here makes the player’s gaming strategy work well & prevents any blisters on legs.

– You have to consider the length of the socks while buying for yourselves because the length also affects your game; let’s see the types of length in NBA socks.

  • Long cut socks were in games, but nowadays, it’s not because compression pants have replaced the socks & those have become out of fashion now.
  • Crew cut socks are now mostly used in the games because the basketball players get the maximum advantage from the socks. Moreover, its length reaches the middle of the shins.
  • Mid-cut socks are slightly shorter or down going than crew cuts because these reach the ankle, but the ultimate measurement depends on the athlete’s foot size.
  • Low-cut socks are the smallest of all sports because it’s almost invisible when one wears the socks inside the shoes. That’s the lowest length NBA sock that a player wears, & many players prefer wearing that.

– You must choose a pair of socks that has a good cushioning way & which can protect your forefeet & heels together. The reason behind manufacturing special NBA socks is to provide the necessary cushioning.

– The arch support helps a player improve his performance more; therefore, you should be careful about that & choose one, which can improve your performance.

Which Is Better? Compression Socks or Sleeves for Basketball Players?

Well, which one is better for a basketball player depends on the athlete & his body condition; however, let’s see when it’s good to have compression socks or sleeves.

Times When A Player Needs Compression Socks

  • If the player faces swollen feet after practicing for a long time or has the same problem with his legs, he should get the compression socks.
  • When the players are to travel a long way in a flight where they are not supposed to move their feet a lot, that helps them feel relief.
  • The players who are in injury and on the way to recovery should rely on compression socks.

However, before you know what socks do NBA players wear, you had to learn the uses of compression socks in basketball.

Times When A Player Needs Compression Sleeves

  • When a performer needs fast movement during the game & needs support, that’s when one needs compression sleeves.
  • If a player has a long & frequent warm-up or workout schedule, he will need a pair of compression sleeves.
  • A set of compression sleeves is necessary when an athlete faces cramps or sudden pain during practice, match, or even workout.
  • If one wants to wear a pair of low-cut socks inside, he may get a compression sleeve because they are easy to wear.

Therefore, it’s the basketball player who has to understand the situations & choose among them; it would be better if he keeps both options near him in his kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Do NBA Players Wear Two Socks?

NBA players are supposed to thicken the layer of socks to improve the cushioning & it helps them jump higher without getting injured.

Q2. Is It Okay to Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

One can wear basketball shoes casually outside the game due to adventure or comfort, but he may not wear them casually if his team provides them.

Q3. Do NBA Players Get New Socks in Each Game?

No, it’s not usually happened, but the final decision depends on the team manager who watches over these things & provides all the logistics.

Q4. What Socks Do NBA Players Wear?

The Nike Elite series is mostly seen on the NBA player’s feet, making it one of the official ones. 

Final Words

If you have read the whole article, you will have no confusion about what socks do NBA players wear, what things to consider, & which will be better. However, you must trust only the renowned brands & logos that are allowed, of course.

Please remember that only learning the rules and tactics is not enough; a person should be careful about his jersey & another wearing.

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