What Socks To Wear With Basketball Shoes (The Ultimate Guide)?

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If you are a regular basketball player, you know how important a good pair of socks is. Outfit and accessories are essential for all types of athletes. They make the players look more athletic and give them all the extra support they need.

Good socks keep the foot dry, protect the weak spots, and help to fit shoes better. But there are so many brands in the market now that we are spoiled with choices.

I have always been super cautious about my gear before hitting the court. I have played with both regular and athletic socks, and the difference is conspicuous.

Are you wondering what socks to wear with basketball shoes and what things to check before buying one? Read till the end to get all your queries answered and make the right decision.

Before choosing the right basketball socks, it is essential to know why you should buy unique socks in the first place.

what socks to wear with basketball shoes

The importance of special socks for basketball:

If you think you just need expensive and premium shoes for your basketball gear, you are highly mistaken. Once you start wearing athletic socks, you can tell the difference.

The extra cushioning, compression, and lift in the basketball socks complement the premium shoes like nothing else. There are features for all types of problems that you can face with regular cotton socks.

Basketball socks provide extra security and comfort that no player wants to miss despite the extra money. So, it’s essential to know what socks to wear with basketball shoes.

Internationally famous brands like Nike and Adidas dominate the market, but there are other emerging popular brands. However, every brand uses a similar type of material, some better than others.

You can’t choose a basketball sock just by the looks, as you do for the regular socks. You have to consider the material, thickness, type, and design.

Types of Basketball Socks:

There are four types of basketball socks:

  • Low cut basketball socks
  • Mid-cut basketball socks
  • Crew cut basketball socks
  • Knee-high basketball socks

From the names, you can tell that they are differentiated according to their lengths. The low-cut socks are also called the no-show socks as the socks can’t see them after wearing the shoes. The mid and crew-cut socks are the more popular ones now.

However, some players still rock the long socks on the court. The reasons behind it are given below:

Basketball Players Wear Long Socks for Maximum Cushioning

The knee-high socks were the basketball players’ trend back in the 80s and 90s. Some players still wear long socks with basketball knee sleeves for extra compression and injury management.

Expensive Nike socks provide extra cushioning in the essential areas like heel, forefoot, arch, and more. Most reputed basketball socks have cushioning and compression bands for extra comfort and fitting.

As long socks cover more area, they provide additional cushioning. It helps to avoid unnecessary blisters, arch pain, or plantar fasciitis.

Basketball Players Wear Long Socks to Enhance Performance

A good pair of basketball socks can make a difference to the player’s performance. Popular brands make basketball socks collecting data and suggestions from professional and college players.

If you have narrow feet and find them sliding in your shoes when running on the court, it negatively impacts your performance. So, you can wear thicker socks to fit your boots better, like Under Armour Heatgear or Playermaker socks.

On the contrary, if you have wider feet, you can wear thinner socks like Stance Icon Hoops.

Basketball Players Wear Long Socks for Ankle Support

Achilles and ankles are sensitive areas and very prone to abrasion when playing basketball. These parts require extra cushioning, and that’s what long socks provide. Double layered forefoot construction offers added comfort and security.

Knee-high basketball socks are thus my all-time favorite. But don’t worry if you are not a fan of long socks because I will also recommend and give all the necessary information about the most famous basketball socks in the current market.

After the types and design of basketball socks, the next thing you should know about its materials too, to buy the right pair.

Material of Basketball Socks:

We usually prefer cotton for our regular socks. But we expect a lot more from high-performance athletic socks. Cotton absorbs sweat very fast but sadly doesn’t dry that fast making it not so breathable.

So, the best material of basketball socks seen in premium brands is a mixture of nylon, polyester, elastane (spandex), and cotton. This mixture absorbs sweat swiftly and increases flexibility.

Below are some of my Basketball socks preferences on what socks to wear with basketball shoes:

  • Nike Elite Basketball Socks

It is the official partner of the NBA, so you see all the famous basketball players wearing their socks. But the Elite Series surpassed all the previous records of Nike.

Released in 2008, it became so successful and premium that people bought them and sold them for 40 dollars on Amazon and eBay.

What makes Nike Elite Basketball socks so different?

The hype for the new elite socks was not for no reason. You’ll find the difference at first glance. The left and right socks are designated, so you don’t get the bunched toes on your socks after a few uses.

Another noteworthy feature is the additional arch support and cushioning in the high-impact zones. The material is also durable and long-lasting. The famous lines on this series are NIKE Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks and Nike Grip Quick NBA Crew Socks.

But the winner is undoubtedly the Nike Elite Versatility Basketball Crew Socks.

  • Nike Elite Versatility Low Top Training Socks

The Elite Versatility series has all three types of socks with different colors, creating a wide range of choices. Like the Elite series, the right and left feet are distinct. They also have more spandex, so they are more stretchy. You don’t have to struggle to wear them every time.

The socks have a unique ventilation feature, so they keep the feet from getting sweaty or smelly. The tight arch band in these socks gives a good locked-in feel.

  • 6 Adidas Superlite Low-Cut Basketball Socks

The Superlite low-cut six pairs socks of Adidas are probably the most common and known pairs of socks. These light-weight and thin socks are blessings for wide feet players. If you are not a regular basketball player, then these socks will do just fine.

  • Adidas Creator 365

Creator 365 is the star of Adidas basketball socks. If Nike weren’t compulsory for the NBA players, you would see most of them wearing these. It both looks and feels like professional high-performance socks.

There are ribbed ankle cushioning, three pretty thick and stretchy compression bands, and a Traxion footbed. They are durable, light-weight, and perfect to pair up with your Adidas Basketball Shoes.

The Best Basketball Socks for Kids – Extra Cushion and Support!

Kids and young people are essential basketball players. It is the most crucial time to learn and master a sport. So, it is necessary to get them the right pair of socks.

The Nike and Adidas premium socks are the best choice for both kids and adults. BABIBEAN Athletic Kids Mid-Calf Crew Socks are famous among kids for their unique design and comfort. Adidas has a distinct line called Youth Graphic Crew Sock for its younger purchasers.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1: Are Compression Socks good for basketball?

Yes, they are. Though there are no clinical benefits of basketball compression socks, they help the blood circulate quicker, thus preventing leg muscle fatigue.

Q2: Are Double socks good for basketball?

For extra comfort? Yes. Many professional basketball players wear double Nike socks for either fitting the shoe properly or the pillow-like comfort.

Q3: Is it bad to wear basketball shoes every day?

Not really. Basketball shoes are great for everyday use if they are adequately cleaned and aired out every day.

Q4: Are Nike Elite basketball socks available for women?

The Nike Elite socks are unisex. However, there is another unique elite line for women too, called Nike Women’s Hyper Elite Basketball Socks.

Q5: How should I clean my basketball socks?

It is better to clean them with cold water by hand or washing machine and let air dry like regular socks.

Final Words

Just a few years back, players only bothered about their shoes. However, now they know how equally important socks are for almost all types of players, and thus the question arises what socks to wear with basketball shoes.

The Nike Elite and Versatility series is clearly peoples’ favorite now. However, there are other great brands too that can meet up your expectations even better. So, check the cushioning, material, and features well before finally purchasing one.

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