Why Do Basketball Players Wipe Their Shoes In (2022)

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When playing, the basketball players wipe their shoes from time to time. Have you ever thought about that? You thought that it’s a part of the basketball game. It’s a positive factor to wipe the shoes for basketball players. But do you know the main reason why basketball players wipe their shoes?

In general, they wipe their shoes to enhance their basketball shoes’ grip during sport on the court. As the basketball courts are generally made with concrete or hardwood-type materials that make the floor slippery. Wiping the shoes while playing also prevents them from getting slippery. So, basketball players also wipe their shoes to prevent any injury or accident.

why do basketball players wipe their shoes

If you want to understand this aspect of wiping basketball shoes, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the answer to the question: why do basketball players wipe their shoes in detail and will also provide other information.

What about Wipe Basketball Shoes?

Wiping the basketball shoes means rubbing the outsole of the shoes to get the dirt or dust off the shoes to develop a firm grip of a player especially for the basketball players when playing. It’s important having a better grip on the floor for the players. Wiping the outer sole of the shoes is the proper way to do this for basketball players.

Why Do Basketball Players Wipe Their Shoes?

Generally, there are mainly two reasons why basketball players wipe their shoes.

After a few minutes of playing, the soles of the outdoor basketball shoes become full of derbies and dust. As a result, it affects the sticky contact between the court and the shoes. For this, the players suffer from slippery movement during playing.

I. So, one of the reasons the basketball players wipe their shoes is because they are trying to rub the dust off their shoes and put some wet from their hands on their shoes. This results in having a good grip with quicker movement.

II. Again, some of the players want to bring a little dust from the shoes on their hands when their hands are sweaty heavily during playing. So, they wipe their shoes so that the basketball doesn’t slip from their fingers as easily.

In short, the basketball players do it so that they don’t come down with a run on the court for dust on their shoes. So, to prevent any slipping accident and get adequate grip from the shoes, the basketball players wipe their shoes from time to time during the sport.

Benefits of Wiping the Basketball Shoes

If the basketball players wipe their shoes properly to get comfortable during the match, there are several benefits for them.

Faster Running

If the basketball players have a good grip on the ground, they can run fast. By wiping their shoes they can maintain this grip. And they will be able to defend or attack other teams to make a goal. And only a better grip can give a player a lot of support and help in running fast on the court.

Scoring Big Goals

A basketball player will score a goal if he is comfortable with a good grip on his shoes. If they have a firm grip, they can even score a goal from distance. But if basketball players don’t have proper support, they may not make a goal despite remaining near the basket.

Defending Opponent

Defensive basketball players try to bar or block the opponent on the ground making a score against their team. That’s why they follow some tricks such as jumping, blocking, cross over, chasing, and more. And these tricks can be possible when the players will get proper support on the court with a good shoe grip. If the players wipe the bottom of their shoes, it helps them to play a defensive role without any chance of slipping or injury.

Show Off Moves

If you want awesome movement during playing as a basketball player, you should wipe the bottom of your kicks area of the shoes. As a result, you can show off your movement with a strong grip and can use most of your playing techniques.

Reduce Having Accidents

During basketball playing, when a strong bonding is created between the playground and the shoe of the players, they can easily run or jump without slipping in the ground. Most of the basketball injuries happen from unsafe landings. If you don’t give proper support, you can face this issue. A good grip by wiping basketball shoes can reduce these types of accidents.


 Q1# Why Do Basketball Players Keep On This Unhygienic Practice?

Sometimes basketball players wipe their shoes by moistening the palm or spitting on the palm with their sweat. These exercises are all unhealthy. But while playing basketball players don’t care about that. They just prioritize giving the best performance on the court to be satisfied. For this reason, they can do anything.

Q2# Does Wiping The Bottom Of Your Basketball Shoes Help In Basketball?

The answer is yes, this helps in basketball. But some players don’t do that always because it doesn’t help in some cases.

Whatever basketball players wipe the bottom of their shoes because it helps to increase traction on the court. When your palms are sweaty during the game, your hands will be helpful for that.

Q3# Is It Necessary To Wipe The Outer Sole Of The Basketball Shoes?

If a player doesn’t wipe the outer sole of his basketball shoes, he may face an accident during the game. But wiping the sole recreate the friction between the basketball court and the shoes. This also helps to show off your moves with a better grip on the surface floor when playing basketball.

Final Words

As we know that traction and gripping is the most important factor for performing best in basketball. And the basketball players wipe their shoes to get a better grip or friction between their shoes and the floor during the match. I hope that you are now flooded with a complete scenario of why do basketball players wipe their shoes!

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